Cozy Small Cottage: The Pink House


Here’s a beautiful 500 sq ft small house I had to share with you.

It’s got a gable roof and has that cottage style to it.

It can be used as an office, tiny home, library or art space.

More photos and info at 1Friday Architects.

Location: Aspen , Colorado
Design Team: Derek M. Skalko & Gavin Merlino

“What began as a kitchen remodel within a historic Aspen mining cottage grew to involve a series of artist studio studies for the backyard of the quaint Hyman Avenue residence known as the Pink House. Two very unique directions were initially investigated in direct response to budget concerns and alternate programmatic directions. Incorporating LEED inspired responses and solutions to take advantage of solar paths and materials with high performance returns was a priority. The final 500 sq ft gable-massed solution was a direct response to the surrounding historical neighborhood context and heavy evergreen forestation of the studio project site.” (Source)

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  1. If you look at the photos and read the description, though, you will see that is NOT a “small house.” It is a studio, and by the looks of it, an architect’s studio. Chances are, the person who uses this studio is not going to be placing a dresser up there. This space is not designed to live in. There does not appear to be either a kitchen or bathroom, which would be the primary impediment to living there. This is a lovely space for a studio!

  2. It is plenty big enough for a house but isn’t being used as a house. That thick wall on the roof front makes it look top heavy and is not appealing to me but to each their own.


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