Handmade Micro Truck Bed Camper for $3700












“New design for Casual Turtle Campers, the Half Shell is a slimmed-down, non-cabover, slide-in truck camper/sleeper that also functions as a traditional topper/cargo hauler. This particular model is designed to best fit a Ford Ranger or first-generation Toyota Tacoma/Nissan Frontier, though will fit other pickups as well. It weighs in at 455 lbs, and features a removable queen size bed platform.”

Really a neat little camper design, and it can be modified to fit any pickup truck.

Reasonable delivery options from Colorado available. Thanks for your interest.

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  1. I like that the bed pulls out so you can use the space. But then, what to do with the mattress so you can use the space? I also like the separate door to access the space under the bed. I do wonder if there is a lift mechanism like a conventional camper so that you can drive apart from your traveling home?

  2. NICE!!! I was going to say such a high price but as a built product, that is rather good.

    The roof not only is lighter, stronger but it’s very aero enough the camper likely won’t hurt mileage, maybe even increase it at higher speeds. If the sides had a front quarter round made from say a 4×4, the aero would be even better.

    Fine woodwork nicely done but this should live under a awning, garage, etc when not being used to keep the wood maintaining down. If you want to keep it varnished it’ll need recoating every 1-5 yrs depending on how much sun hits it.

    It’s rather easy and well worth it for such a beautiful camper.

    Good job!!! Surprised more people don’t build these.

  3. Build price in Canada is under $1500.00 for material. Its a simple build, We have built a few but for work trucks you could stand up in and they looked good. I have to get busy and send you photos of my little get away (commercially built) that you ask for Alex, one could build something like it for this price and have 3 times what this offers. I use mine every day even to make coffee in out in the mountain. But this is a good looking little unit. I agree with dock and the storage area.

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