Tiny A-frame Cabin in the Mountains


I thought you’d also enjoy this tiny metal A-frame cabin in the mountains alongside the amazing Scandinavian peaks of the Matanuska Glacier area. It was made so explorers can have a base while adventuring the area. As tiny as it is you’d be surprised that it can actually sleep up to 10 adventurers. And when I say adventurers I mean it because it’s an extreme environment. There’s an air landing strip nearby just about 700 feet away which is pretty nice if you’re flying in to the location of the cabin. I encourage you to learn more about this awesome little A-frame here. And if you’re interested in checking out more of these “huts” check out this link.

Inside there’s a 2-burner Coleman cook stove and water is available nearby. The location of the cabin is 18 miles from a parking lot at the Matanuska Glacier. Coordinates for the cabin are 61 35.500 N 147 28.500 W.

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  1. Just to keep things clear, the Matanuska Glacier is in Alaska and Scandinavian refers to local mountains not the Northern European area.

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