Legal Backyard Tiny Cottages in the Garden


Photo Credits Orange Splot LLC


Just ran into this at Lloyd Kahn’s blog which is one of my favorites. He’s the author of Tiny Homes Simple Shelter which also happens to be one of my favorite books on tiny houses. and has been publishing about alternative structures since many of us can remember. These little houses are zoned as detached accessory structures in Portland. Each one is 12×14 and sports a front porch, sleeping loft and full service bathroom. If you want more information on the builder and to see more photos click here.

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  1. These folks are lucky. In my part of Florida you can not reside on land zoned for agriculture. And you don’t want to even think about land zoned for residential use. The ten by ten shed that attracts no attention is about the best way to hide a tiny home. Oddly many of our poor buy sail boats that are essentially useless as boats but large enough to shelter them. Regulations may chase them around a bit but in essence they will tow each other to the next tolerable spot as the system messes with them. Those vessels are like ovens here in the summers. The poor can be pretty tough to survive that way of life.

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