Transforming Tiny House on Wheels: Too Cool or Too Much?


I just found out about this transforming tiny house on wheels design by a new company called Ragsdale Homes. They don’t have a website yet but they just recently released this 3D virtual tour of what could be one of the coolest tiny house designs I’ve seen yet. It’s not a very simple design, but it manages to create more space than I’ve ever imagined for a house built on a utility trailer.

Quick Video Tour

I’m curious as to what your thoughts are on this. Is it too complicated of a design? Is it the opposite of simplicity? Or is it innovation?

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  1. It is definitely TOO COOL, not too much. A tribute to out of the box thinking!
    Not the same old tiny house design!! Where can we get the plans/details??

    1. Sorry, Cindy S
      Just read your comment today 11/10/13, however, I wanted to respond to your kind words. We have a lot of information on our homes available. We now have 3 videos on YouTube, an assortment of still pictures, copies of recent articles published on the internet, and we now have 3 models and will soon have a fourth. Our first model, called the “Prius” is a 380 square foot soft contemporary style, our mediterranean style with 480 square feet, a 1900s Sunday House with 160 square feet, and our new shabbychic, beach style for those who wish to locate at the water’s edge. I left you some links below. Ciao Jay

  2. Definitely innovative! I love designers & builders who maximize space & utility in a pleasing form. Waiting with baited breath for Ragsdale to finish their website & provide more details and specs. My kind of tiny home, for sure.

  3. I like it !!!! It is brilliant and people who spend their time coming up with these ingenious ideas are architect heros…The top is a great idea for potted gardens and a relaxing afternoon. I don’t know about all the tiny home builders, but I think the idea isn’t REALLY to run around with the tiny houses attached to a vehicle. Find a place, set it up and live.
    oops..gotta go, martini time…..

  4. You know everyone is different and has different needs. I love the creativity of this. I love that it offers a variety. I think we should celebrate all the different contributions. For a family if four or five this could be a tiny home. Some. Folks have several children and a mother or father living with them. Its great!

  5. This would be ideal, but I’m sure the cost would be way too high for most of us Tiny House advocates. I was flipping through links yesterday and found a company building tiny houses for $75,000. I think that is totally ridiculous, but that’s just my opinion. Whatever floats your boat.


  6. @Joy….I totally agree with you. No details at all. Just someone walking on an upper level deck.

  7. I WANT ONE…seriously…it’s gorgeous. I like the Tiny House concept but have not seen a house plan I like…until now 🙂

  8. Hello everyone…. This is Jay with ragsdale Homes ” Next Generation Series” of tiny homes on wheels, on land, and water. In addition to our first animated video demo, we now have two more videos on YouTube. A longer video of the exterior, illustrating the general set up of the ” Room Roll Outs, ” up righting the hinged railing system on the roof, and the lowering of the decking which is also hinged. Soon, we will release our new mediterranean model, complete with faux stucco finish, colorful fabric awnings, rock fireplace, aluminum window grills, faux arched wood interior beams, solar faux clay tile roof, and a cupola on top. Additionally, our 1900s Sunday House with double french door entryway(room for a wheel chair) enormous windows, washboard siding, high pitch room with solar shinges, 12 volt solar air conditioner, 30 gallon per 24 hr. 99% pure troposoheric water precipitation generator, and more. Ciao Jay
    Who is M. Ragsdale III ?

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