Lonely Tiny House in the Field

Little House

According to the photographer this tiny house is located in Prince Edward Island, Canada. If you ask me I’d say it’s located in the middle of no where.. I kid, I kid!

This tiny house seems to be located in a very isolated area and I would guess there is no other houses around for miles. A little too isolated for my tastes, but still cool.

Look behind the house and notice the tall bushes, I wonder what’s behind there? Could be a lake, river or maybe more land.  What do you think? It would be neat if there were more houses located around there spaced out from one another, but this photo gives me impression that this house is camped out by it’s self out there.. not sure why. What do you think?

This seems like an affordable stick built house for someone to build since it has a minimal amount of windows and all. I do love the chimney. I would guess it’s around 150-200 square feet, what would you say?

I don’t know if I could imagine myself living in this particular tiny house just because the location does seem a little too lonely for me. But I do love the house. How would you feel about living there?

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  1. There could be other houses nearby, say across the road, but just not visible in the picture. Or not.

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