Elegant Park Model Tiny House Community

Small, tiny houses

What do you think about this park model tiny house community? They’re just too close for me but maybe I just require a little more privacy than most, or do you also agree?

Anyways, first thing I noticed is the bushes separating each house. Looks beautiful at first sight but when I stopped to think about it I thought to myself there’s not that much room to even walk in between each house.

I would enjoy just a little more space to be able to walk in between the bush and your house. Judging by the picture it seems like we’re looking at the back of the house and the door is located on the other side.

They all seem to be of the same model type with the same window on the back. They are very elegant and it’s nice to see a tiny house community no matter how close they are to one another.

Notice the trees and nature surrounding this community. That by itself definitely would put an instant smile on my face if I lived there.

What do you guys think about this tiny house community? Could you imagine yourself living there? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts below and click here if you want to receive information for your tiny house adventures delivered to you by email!

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  1. As long as the neighbors aren’t blasting music and don’t have noisy dogs, I don’t mind the closeness. (Owners don’t seem to realize how offensive they are with these.) When they do make noise, even super-huge lots are not enough to fix the problem. I would like to own and live in a tiny house and own the tiny piece of land it’s on. It would be bought with cash– no loan. I wouldn’t live in a McMansion no matter how cheap is was though.

  2. It’s interesting that just pivoting the houses can give the impression of a lot more space between the buildings along with a more upscale and gracious look. I like these houses very much; it’s nice to see a more Victorian; softer look rather than the typical tract housing look.

  3. I have a hard time hearing things not to the point of having to wear a hearing aid but to the point I need my tv loud. I would want a lot of space between myself and my neighbor so that they do not get mad at me for being so loud. I would also like to not live in a place where every house looks like the last house. That is like saying we all have to talk, dress, behave and so on like everyone else. How boring that is.

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