Tiny A-frame House in the Woods of Germany

Small House in the Forest

I know that not everybody enjoys A-frames as much as I do but I just had to share this photo of a nearly hidden tiny A-frame house in the woods of Germany surrounded by a hand built lattice fence. Also notice my favorite feature of the house which is the balcony on top with a beautiful custom wooden railing.

I like how the fencing gives you a sense of safety and blocks the view of anyone trying to glimpse inside, or maybe even any wild animals from coming too close. While the balcony I mentioned before allows you to see the scenery over and beyond the fence which must make for a simple yet breathtaking experience.

Here’s a funny curious thought I’ve had a few times that I also wanted to share. Do you also think people who’s first or last names start with an A tend to like A-frame houses more than other people? They don’t make the best use of space. But I still think they’re awesome! Can’t help it. Is it because I’m an Alex? LOL.

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