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Would You Add a Loft to this Shotgun Shack Tiny House?

Isn’t this tiny shotgun shack cottage just awesome? To me it’s like an oversized tiny house on wheels except this one doesn’t have a loft. If it were mine, I’d definitely add a loft into the design. I’d most likely use it as the bedroom and convert the existing space that’s used as a room into my office.

Foundation Tiny Houses Better for Couples & Families?

I can see a slightly larger design like this working better for couples and small families who want to live tiny/small for a longer period because of the extra space. That’s where it pays to plan to build on a foundation instead of on a trailer even though you lose the mobility.

What Would You Change to Make it Yours?

What would you change about this little house to make it yours? I’m also curious, if you’re building in the future, do you plan on doing it on a foundation so you can go larger or do you plan on building on wheels?

How to Spend a Few Nights in this New Orleans Shotgun Shack

If you happen to be in the New Orleans area you can always check to see if you can book a stay in this house.

“This charming house has central air, jacuzzi tub, rain shower head, flat screen TV, and private backyard area. Two blocks from Magazine Street, restaurants, coffee houses, shops and much more. Convenient to all public transportation. I live next door in separate house, available for information about city. I am a real estate agent and owner. This is a great area to walk. Everything close grocery store if you just want to cook at home kitchen is fully equipped. Take the Magazine bus to Central Business District, French Quarter in 15 minutes. Near to Audubon Park, Garden District, laid back neighborhood, rent a bike, its a great area for bike riding. As one guest mentioned it is truly one of the best parts of Magazine Street.” (source)

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  1. That tiny house is so cute!! It really seems spacious by the layout of it. I personally would add a loft for my own because I am a musician and professional clown and my loft will be storage space for my costumes and juggling balls.

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