Rustic Small Cabin in the Woods

Rustic Cabin in the Woods

Rustic Cabin in the Woods

Rustic Cabin in the Woods

I thought you’d also enjoy this rustic cabin in the woods… I mean, who wouldn’t?

Unique Ladder to Loft

The staircase/ladder looks a little dangerous but fun and it’s definitely really nice looking. What do you think, though?

The Outdoor Space is Really Nice – Especially Since You Are Surrounded By A Beautiful Forest

I also like the outdoor space. Not only does the outside come in thanks to the oversized patio door but there’s also plenty of windows throughout the cabin. In the first shot, you might have noticed the two adirondack chairs that are separate from the patio, too. That seems like a really nice spot, doesn’t it?

Credits & More Info

Images: NY Mag (more photos there just click on the Slideshow link when you get there)
Designer: Scott Newkirk

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  1. I have just the spot for this! Well done! Other than the crazy ladder stairs it would be heavenly. Well, insulation would be nice too.

  2. I built a house like this, in a woods, in the ’70s. The main difference was size. As a single mom with two kids we needed more space. 900 sq ft. Open room on main floor. Three small bedrooms and bath upstairs. There was a staircase, not a ladder. The plans came from a book on alternative housing and the house model was called The Volkswagen. Very sweet house.

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