Tiny Camouflage Log Cabin in the Woods

Tiny Camouflage Cabin in the Woods

I had to show you this tiny camouflage cabin in the woods that’s perfect for off grid tiny living. It blends right into the scenery and you can tell that all materials to build the home were harvested locally. Location is believed to be in Girdwood, Alaska in a National Park forest.

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    1. You really think so dock. LOL. You’re a hoot. “I’m just sayin, the house is rotten. :)” I had a house in Kelowna with moss all over the roof, had to take some beautiful trees down to prevent it happening again and it was now cheap price clearing and preserving what was left but this is a pretty setting. Beautiful state of decay with Hagbow’s critters but nice to look at.

  1. It’s darling, but in that setting it’ll be swarming with carpenter ants in no time, etc. Also, it wouldn’t hold up well in a fire. Great idea, but you’d be better off using straw bales, etc.

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