Shipping Containers used to Build a Houseboat


Photo Credit Steve White

“The mantra for the 21st century is to do more with less, and many building pioneers are exploring how to repurpose material to construct homes. A new example can be seen at a marina in Belfast, where Brooklin boatbuilder Steve White has parked his new houseboat, constructed from shipping containers.” (source)

According to one of our awesome readers, Robert F., Steve White (the builder) is the son of Joel White who was known as one of the best boat designers. Joel’s father was author E.B. White (Charlotte’s Web). Interesting, right?!



Read the original article and see interior photos here.

Thank you Robert F. for sending this one in!

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  1. Great,, a durable and affordable way to build a floating home. The open plan makes it roomy and the windows under the roof airy. Just right for the sun of FL. It would be interesting to learn about the floats.

  2. The houseboat looks fantastic. However, I always wondered how these things fare in the winter or in severe storms.

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