Transforming Furniture: Workbed Flips from Desk to Bed





Photos by Marlen Mueller @ Interview with Mira Schroeder

This piece of furniture is designed by Ines Kaag and Desiree Heiss of BLESS. It’s called the Workbed because it’s a desk that can be flipped over and used as a bed as well. So it’s perfect if you work from home and are short on space or you have an extra room or space in your home that you want to use as an office and guest room. I also thought it could work pretty well in some tiny houses or at least in a small cabin, cottage, studio, or apartment.

Also seen at Niall’s Humble Homes blog.

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  1. It would also work to simply have the top come off (maybe folding to the head or foot?) to reveal the mattress under it. Seems simpler. I’d just hate having to move a project in progress to get to the bed.

  2. Thinking about using every possible surface to the max, I suggest a desk base with a box attached to the wall so it could be flipped up and out of the way. The box should be at least 40″ wide with legs that would flip down when the bed is flipped up and the bottom of the box, the part that will be exposed when the bed is up should be painted with blackboard paint for use as a bulletin board with the desk.

    The box should have little legs or a bottom edge that keeps it off the desk top and lets you keep your work on the desk in progress.

    If the bed side of the box has 2″ sides on the 3 outside edges and a 4″ foam mattress, the mattress would stay put and be comfortable getting in and out of bed.

    Wish I were talented enough to build this thing, I’m loving the idea more and more as the idea develops.

  3. It sounds like a variation on a Horizontal Murphy bed. The Murphy let you put a real bed in place (full or queen), then it flips up a desk can be unfolded. One design has a very simple desk but with a little ingenuity, a nice full desk could be substituted.

    The mattress with this appears to be nothing more than a rollup bed, which on that desk would be miserable sleeping!

    Question Alex…. is there a good, usable software program for designing furniture?

    Thanks for any replies!

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