Small Houses in a Large House Communities?

Small green house exterior with spring blooming trees.

This type of small house is more of my style in a close community basis. First thing I notice is the beautiful spring blooming magnolia trees separating the houses from each other.

The photographer claims the photo was taken in an American community but the photo leaves me wondering if this is one of the only small houses in a normal community or if the other houses are relevant in size.

I like the front yard but I personally would trim some of the bush in order to have more space for myself to walk around or maybe for kids to play. But I still think it’s beautiful.  The long peaceful walkway to the door is perfect for me and I love the round steps leading to the side walk towards the home’s entrance.

This house in particular seems to be around 300-500 square feet but I’m really not sure on that so what would your guess be?

Also, if you look closely past that magnolia tree on the right, you can see the other house which seems to be bigger in size. Just thought I would note that.

I think tiny and small houses should be more welcome in most neighborhoods. Even if the neighbors have much bigger houses. As long as they’re all well kept it should be A-Okay, right?

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