Tiny Rustic Log Cabin in The Woods

Little Log Cabin

I just had to share this with you, a tiny house constructed with tree logs and stones! This really is a beautiful piece of work I wish I could step foot in right now.

I love the way the house sits on carefully placed stones and how the log cabin gives off that rustic look and vibe that can be so relaxing and humbling.

My guess would be it’s around 200 square feet, it looks pretty spacious but it’s hard to make an accurate guess with only one shot. What do you think?

At first I thought it may just be a cabin the owner has sitting outside his backyard but there is an antenna on top which leads me to believe it may be a permanent home.

Could you imagine living inside here? If not, what would you use it for? A workshop? Maybe a cool guest house or just a simple getaway?

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts below.

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  1. Yes I figure at least 12×24 prolly more like 15-18 x 24. If you look at the roof it has a fairly short pitch 4/12 or 5/12 that would suggest a bit deeper than 12

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