Super Cute Duplex Tiny Houses: Live in one, Rent out the other?


Image via Tiny House Blog

A duplex is a unique and affordable way to live mortgage-free and earn money with your home!

Have you ever considered it?

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  1. An excellent way to make some money. I’m building a 4-5 unit place with tiny houses to rent.

    Rather busy looking outside but I guess many like that.

    Actually here in Fla before 1970 tiny houses, and I do mean tiny as we do them, were common and many as vacation rentals. There is a whole flock of them along US 41 near me/Tampa, and US301 which if you drive along, especially the old, cut off pieces of them, you’ll find a decent number left.

    1. I think that using current zoning codes to create more than one unit within your household is a great way to help retire, generate extra income, pay the mortgage, etc. And nowadays you can even use sites like to rent out your extra space like if it were a Hotel!

  2. Looks to be a great idea, and the bonus of knowing your tenants havent got the space to throw large wild parties!

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