Tiny Home On Wheels or Foundation: How Would Yours Be?

Beautiful Tiny Home on Wheels

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  1. I’d build mine to be carried by a trailer as cargo so not to waste a trailer going no where when it can be used.

    This also can solve legal problems as it’s just cargo, not a housetrailer laws are against in
    some places.

    And can be put nearly anywhere either on or off the trailer.

    So you get the best of both worlds at little extra cost. Make the tiny home also float and many more options, fun happen again at little extra cost if any.

  2. Building on skids is a great way to go if you want versatility in regards to parking and moving your tiny house. You can put it on a trailer, on pylons, on pontoons, just about anything. However, it does have one drawback, it usually means building shorter, since the skids are going to be about a foot high, that’s one foot less for head room in a loft.

    1. Hi Maria I’m pretty sure this one was custom built. It looks like they probably used some kind of Tumbleweed plan to build and maybe modified it but I’m just guessing here!

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