The Swamp Hut: Your Own Tiny House Compound?


Photos by Moskow Linn Architects

I really like this project by Moskow Linn Architects because I’ve always liked the idea of a few tiny houses gathered together by the same deck. I’ve always found this idea intriguing because instead of a big house with a living room you can have a few tiny cabins and the family can gather and hang out outdoors instead of inside. So there’s less air conditioned space and interior maintenance. Also, I think there’s more privacy for each member of the family due to the individual structures everyone can have. And everyone can always gather around the fire outside their front doors. What are your thoughts on indoor/outdoor living like this?



Learn more about the Swamp Hut by Moskow Linn Architects here.

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  1. Would be a great homeless shelter. But to hot and cold and you’d roast in the day in summer in Fla by 10AM, so you would live outside ;^))

    Likely these are far north summer hard tents, not really for living, but camping instead.

    1. Okay, “Never take away without adding” is one of my mottos.

      I puzzled for a more positive name for this grouping of buildings and came up with three choices that sound infinity more inviting:

      1) The Quadrangle.
      2) The Quad, short for Quadrangle. Or…
      3) The Cloister, which is my favourite.

      All three alternatives make reference to a large open area to be enjoyed by the surrounding buildings.

      You could also just call the collection “The Courtyard”, which again, sure sounds MORE positive to my ear then inviting your friends “Up to the Swamp Huts!”

      Well, unless your friends with the Duck Dynasty folks, then they’d probably like swamp, hut and compound to describe this place. LOL

  2. LaMar: you need to know how to naviage architect’s sites to get in. When you click on the main page to Moscow Linn, drop down to PROJECTS, click it, and a page pops up with thumbnails of all their projects. Then, click on the photo of the SWAMP HUT and a separate page opens up with the photos available. Basically, there are two sleeping huts only large enough for a bed, a dining hut and the Cleansing Hut.

    Words have POWER so I’m quite a bit turned off by the use of the words: Swamp, Hut and Compound which are often used in derogatory fashion. But, that’s me and my passion for words; probably no one else could give a flying fig. “Swamp” implies dirty and buggy. “Hut” is right next to “Hovel” and “Compound”, well, images of nutters building bombs in the Western states comes to mind. Don’t believe me? Google each word and see.

  3. The theory is good but the architects didn’t follow through with design or materials I agree it would not be suitable for people, just a big greenhouse .

  4. They’re cute but I don’t know if it’s because of their design, location or the fact that we’re heading into October, but…they sorta give me the feeling of a setup for a horror movie than anything else.

  5. To Nicole: Bhahahahahaaaa! Don’t go into the woods!

    To my eye, as soon as I saw them, they reminded me of Glass Teepees, although the material used is probably plastic.

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