448 Sq. Ft. Tiny A-frame Cabin for sale w/ Land for $15k





I thought you might like this tiny A-frame cabin that’s available for sale with land in Georgia. It has a living area, bathroom and kitchen on the first level then there’s an upstairs bedroom (loft). The structure is surrounded by 2,800 acres of mountains. There are miles of hiking and horseback riding trails or you can go fishing or canoeing on one of the nearby lakes. The cabin is built on a lot in The Preserve at Lookout Mountain Resorts in Rising Fawn which is around a 35 minute car trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee. You can get to Atlanta, Birmingham, Huntsville and Nashville within two hours each. I thought this was a pretty fair deal at just $15,000 but of course you’d want to do your own research before buying.

Learn more about this tiny A-frame in Georgia for sale with land here.

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  1. With a name like Rising Fawn, Georgia, how much cooler a mailing address can you get? <3 I find the basic design very, very intriguing; like an A-Frame on knee walls. Excellent way to get more use out of a classic A-Frame. The interior, however, I'm not too keen on: too dang dark, too much wood and WHERE are the windows???? Must have spent their budget on wood vs. glass. LOL I'd rip out the front door and window and have French doors and then blow out the back for solid glass. Also, that loft is just a dark hidey hole; a nice large triangular window that vents would be very lovely.

  2. What’s the deal with NO light? I THINK this place might be great, but… honestly… it is so dark it is almost impossible to actually see the interior. Need to get some old fashioned flash bulbs to photograph the place better. I also agree about the windows… for heaven’s sake… they built it on something called “Lookout Mountain” so one would assume the views are nice… if not spectacular. Seems like at least one window in the loft bedroom would have been appropriate? And it sure would cozy up the place a bit to have a few windows on the main floor too. I don’t know about the temperatures in the area, but if that’s a problem, just use double or triple pane insulated windows.

  3. This, and several other similarly situated properties are in need of septic. Currently, there are 4 houses on one septic. Not Good. Realtor is trying to buy a parcel across road for septic needs of each such property. However, even if septic costs as much as house, this is still a fantastic deal. It is described as a condo (I assume p.u.d, but there is no H.O.A.) 2 MEN HAVE BEEN CONVICTED OF FRAUD WITH REFERENCE TO “The Preserve at Rising Fawn.” A lot of people lost a lot of $$. (The BAD) That said, it appears that the bankruptcy trustee is anxious to sell properties and can deliver clear title. $15000, $15500, $16000 are less than I would need to spend to build on my own land. My Big Sisty Ugler had a cabin in Rabun Gap GA and it was imho beautiful. Just remember that (despite 4 prior offers) I have first Dibs. (Now where are all the smilies and frownies?)

    1. http://hotpads.com/real-estate/56-Lakeview-Drive-566-Rising-Fawn-GA-30738–uawhx0vd0g94#lat=34.771348&lon=-85.497765&zoom=14&detailsOpen=true&dupeGrouping=building&listingTypes=sale,newHome,auction&bedrooms=0,1,2,&lowPrice=10000&highPrice=20000&pricingFrequency=once&loan=30,0.04,0&keywords=cabin&resultsPerQuad=24

      Doug Porter. The foregoing will take you to listing agent. Agent seemed forthright about pluses and minuses. You will need septic. She (realtor) is trying to acquire land for that purpose. Lot and cabin brought 6 figures before skimming and scamming. If a property I recently listed is sold (out here) I may race you for this cabin. Neither of us can go wrong at this price. jmho

  4. There is a new invention—called PAINT. Brighten these places right on up! Even after you cut some windows! Wood is wonderful; but sometimes too MUCH wood can suck all the light out of a place.

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