The Big Maroon: Custom Housetruck by Federal Motorhome Company







“All design, fabrication, assembly, carpentry and cabinet work, except as noted in the acknowledgements below, were performed by The Federal Motorhome Company, under the direction of CEO John M. Driscoll. My wife and partner, Valerie, accepted the responsibility for esthetic considerations, such as colors, fabric, and furniture. Her choices helped transform this vehicle into a home. The project has been a great journey over the past 42 years. We have traveled about 40,000 miles through 20 states and Canada and the time we have spent living and raising our family in it probably adds up to a year.” (source)

The house has been built onto a 1949 Federal flatbed farm truck which he bought in 1971 for just $125.

Learn more about this housetruck here.

See more photos here.

The Big Maroon has also recently been seen at The Flying Tortoise blog by Keith Levy and Tiny House Living by Michael Janzen.

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  1. I just never get tired of looking at it…. It seems every time I look at it, I find some thing I just haven’t seen before, and what a prize to spot it..!

  2. Again we get to review this classic THOW.. It is as it was the first time I seen, and commented on it, a true pleasure…! I love it, he had done such a great job…!

  3. From the “about” page of their site: “This vehicle averages 9.3 miles per gallon on that bilge-water, alcohol-adulterated swill they sell as gasoline these days. The drive train provides 8 useful forward ratios, and 60 MPH in top gear overdrive comes up at 2300 RPM.”

    “Bilge-water, alcohol adulterated swill”…I love it! Here in Oklahoma, it’s still possible to get real gasoline to put in your car and not ruin the engine.

    This home is beautiful! As Zac Mohrman has said, the only problem is that it’s not mine!

  4. really like the truck, but i like old cars and trucks anyways. really miss my ’49 Buick Roadmaster. Thanks for showing this…

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