The Looper: Portable Lightweight Travel Pod









The Looper is a portable lightweight travel pod inspired by the caterpillar by a company called Nomadic Resorts.

It’s made of a lightweight fabric that’s stretched over a wooden frame.

Each segment folds out and inside you’ll find a bathroom, sleeping area, changing area, patio deck, and even a micro office.

And it has air conditioning. With the push of a button the roof opens up to bring the outside in without having to leave.

Even better, the pod is equipped with a solar canopy to power your lights and air conditioning.

It doesn’t stop there.. The little mobile structure also collects rainwater and recycles it for you so you can take hot solar powered showers.

This little structure is so flexible it can be built in the desert, on a floating deck, or anywhere else you might think of.

Learn more here.

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  1. What does it look like folded down? How long and how many people to put it up? How is it transported from one location to another (in the absence of a camel)?

  2. I imagine the camel saying—“Hey guys it was about time for a design change here!!!!”

    Looks like something from DUNE.

    How much does this wonder COST tho????

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