The 100 Sq. Ft. Flexible Hivehaus Prefab Tiny Home Solution









Images: HIVEHAUS and Barry Jackson

Video Explanation of How the HIVEHAUS Works


The Hivehaus is a flat pack prefab tiny housing solution that seems pretty easy to build.

Since it’s a modular system it means you can customize as many or as few modules to your desire.

The cells are hexagonal so there’s lots of flexibility when it comes to designing and building your own.

The Hivehaus is inspired by a bee’s honeycomb, hence the name đŸ™‚

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  1. Alex. Your intro described this as a 100sq’ hexagon. The video called them 31 sq’ pods. It has been 2 or 3 years since my plane geometry teacher lectured on how to determine the area of a regular hexagon. (area of 12 right triangles, using in this case a base of 3’3″ or 1/2 the length of each wall) My math is further confused by the video narrator’s statement that each hexagonal pod has an area of 31sq’. So, in the interest of saving me further embarrassment, please check his, or your, math. OR, better, please tell me the area of ONE hexagonal pod. I would even further be interested in the cost of ONE hexagonal pod. My reason for asking is that I like the hivehaus and would be interested in purchasing three if the price is reasonable. Whew! I don’t even know where I left my compass and protractor.


    1. Hi Tom, I wondered the same thing. The side length appears to be roughly 8 foot, so 100 square feet for each pod. The 31 seems to refer to the three pods in the picture combined… in square metres. Just my take on it. I like the idea too, and have been scratching around on paper to see how to build something similar myself.

  2. saw these on george clarks amazing spaces tv show on channel 4 in the uk.. very cleaver and can be added to / extended at a later if your circumstances change

  3. Hello to All,
    This is just my point of view naturally but, seems to me it takes it point from the YUTE, a bit more modernized and perhaps stationary? Just a thought. The hexagon being much like the octagon and the center sky dome more like the YUTE as well. hm m bees too. Perhaps that’s where the first YUTE builders got the idea for theirs as well, natures beehives. Off grid this also reminds me of the sphere living place they had in like the 70’s. Take care, and happy trails.

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