Tiny Cottage Houseboat – Floating Barge Home



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880 sq. ft. of living space on this 2 story 1 bedroom floating cottage + main floor wrap around deck + 2nd floor 2 beautiful decks to expand that space outside. All of the amenities of living on land with a better view. A Floating Embellished Tugboat Cottage. This home can be moved to land or to the Marina of your choice. All new plumbing & electric, Electro scan waste system. upgraded marine battery system and consoles remain on standby for the tugboat to be taken out on the open waters if one chooses to. 2 years of meticulously designing, expanding & creating this 1 bedroom Tugboat Cottage treasure. Hand placing each inch of the entrance archway, full kitchen and bathroom mosaic tile design.  The Owner has finally completed her 2ND Treasure Chest on top of the sea. Step inside and you feel like you’re in a place like no other. Every wall, every architectural treatment, every built~in, every piece has a story. Treasures are the running theme. So are Vintage clocks, handcrafts from Bali, South America, Mexico, Moroccan night tables and antique boxes. Luxurious fabrics adorn the vast amount of windows throughout. The main floor is is the full kitchen dining and living space then a beautiful wrought iron custom designed staircase leads up to the 2nd floor; 1 bedroom, 2 decks  full bath and large closet with a custom built in fullsize bed with drawers on 2 sides all with the same detail as the main floor.

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  1. While a cool home in so many ways taking this on anything but a most protected waterway is marginal. Great as a small lake, river dock or land queen but sea going it’s not or in any sense a ‘tug’ other than in someone mind.

    On these barge style homes make sure thye hull/s are made up of many watertight to each other compartments so if any 2 or 3 get a leak, it won’t sink. I’ve built and cared for many of these.

    It’s a great, low cost way to live in a tiny home just maqke sure your craft is suitabl for the water it’ll be on. Best is several hulls which themselves are divided up.

  2. Oh wow, this is so creative and cool and funky! Congrats to the owner, who didn’t settle for plain vanilla in her home. The upper deck looks like a great place to hang out, especially at twilight or dawn. Best wishes.

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