Tiny House with a Big Sleeping Loft and Covered Porch/Deck

Tiny House with Big Sleeping Loft and Covered Porch

This is a genius idea for permits because the main level is still less than 100-square-feet. The rest is simply a 100-square-feet covered deck and a 200-square-foot attic/loft which doesn’t count because ceiling height is less than 6′. But you must check your own local zoning codes before designing and building! Thanks for the tip I got on Facebook through Kent from the Tiny House Blog.


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  1. Love it! Also solves “the rain problem” common to tiny houses with short eaves,(Which has been a curse to trailer dwellers for years)–without adequate protection, wind-driven rain means closing the windows on that side, which means suffocating, at least here in the south. I never understood why we don’t see more porches and decks on the tiny houses that do not get moved. With small houses in a decent climate, I would want to be outside as much as possible. This solves many problems beyond the square footage, and the wood is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Sally glad that you liked it — I love this design too and you make valid points on short eaves.

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