1961 Holiday House Trailer Turned to Girly Tiny Home?













If you’ve been thinking about building or buying a tiny house on a trailer and want to travel with it, have you ever considered something like this instead? I point it out just because it’s lighter, smaller and in general just easier (and cheaper) to tow around than stick built home on wheels. And with some effort you can really take an old vintage trailer and turn it into something like this. For more photos and info on this pink Holiday House travel trailer go here.

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  1. Alex,
    What an incredible restoration to this well designed unit. It looks like it just rolled off the line in 1960. You have said it before, we tiny housers could learn from these early designers. In this one the great use of storage. In others great floor plans. Very well done beautiful restoration. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I about fainted when I saw this trailer. I am a woman NOT AFRAID of the colour *PINK* and would buy this in a New York Minute if it ever came up for sale! What a joy to behold! I admire and applaud ANY & ALL people who really take a trip in the Time Machine of Architecture and trick out their homes in true vintage style, regardless of the decade. Applause, Applause, Applause to whoever did this. YOU inspire! <3

  3. For anyone that wants to see GIANT photos of this darling gem plus other one’s more “masculine”, click on hyperlink and it takes you to a wonderful site with the too short history of these trailers, designed in 1959-1961. I can’t tell if they are part of a museum or whatnot, but being able to drool over all the various versions brought joy to this Sunday.

    And if I’m EVER going to be living in a tiny house, I’m copying the design for this pink trailer, hook-line-&-sinker…including the Atomic Age decorations!

  4. I think I have seen my destiny and this is it!! Can these beauties be ‘winterized ‘ to withstand a northern climate? IE: spray foam insulation and thermapane windows? Can I haul one with a new 4wd Jeep Sahara 6 cyl?
    Thanks for any and all info!

  5. carrieflygirl: If you do a search on Vintage Trailers, it leads you to many a wonderful website with forums and fans of these beauties. I’m sure they can answer your questions thoroughly.

    The last listing for one of these trailers was at $16,500.00 which I feel is beyond a fair price, especially when you contrast that to the outrageously over-priced tiny homes I’ve begun to see for sale.

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