240 Sq Ft Katrina Cottage on Wheels for $16k



If you like the idea of a tiny house but feel that it would be just a little bit too tight then maybe something like this could work?

Sure, it’s not as high quality as a Tumbleweed, Four Lights, PAD Tiny House, or a Tiny Home Builders home.. But it seems really livable (and more spacious).

And if you really wanted to you could fix it up a little to match the quality of the tiny house builders mentioned above. This particular one isn’t in perfect condition (the listing says it needs a little bit of work) but you could always add your own touch.

Your Thoughts on Using a Katrina Cottage as a Tiny Home

What would you add or change to this to make it better? I wouldn’t mind getting a really good deal on one of these and completely renovating it to my own taste.

Is $16K Too Much for a used Katrina Cottage?

How much would you pay for it in its current condition? Because what if you had to work on it a lot? The lister says that he/she is not really too negotiable on price though. But you’ll never know.

If you’re interested in buying or making an offer read/learn more at the original listing here.

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  1. A few more pics would have been helpful to make an informed decision. Yet, none are. Without them ” a few repairs” can be an ominous thing to speculate about. So based on what you see, it looks very nice for the price. You may have to watch things like wiring and insulation on some of these Katrina cottages from what I’ve read. Produced en-mass with average materials. You can make changes as you can afford once it gets moved though. Still a nice place to start. Specifically for those with land to leave it on.
    I would have to loose the vinyl siding and you could add a minor amount of insulation to the outside when you do. Relocating the other half of that mini split may present another moving expense.
    All can be factored into an offer. Everything is negotiable, even when the seller says they aren’t! 🙂
    Hope it gets reused by someone.

  2. I’m surprised about the negative comments about this post. So it wasn’t built by your friends so you make a comment about quality? What’s with that? Then you comment about price, yet it’s about half the price of new “tiny homes” that I see on this site, for a much more square footage. Just doesn’t sound like your giving this a fair shot..

  3. @Jay
    do you realize it’s a trailer?
    because it’s a trailer.
    compared to a wooden frame house, it’s absolutely lower quality.
    it’s filled with low-end appliances, where many tiny homes are built with high-end ones.
    Plain and simple: this is lower quality.
    that’s also why it’s a lower price.
    Instead of comparing the price to the tiny homes we usually see here, you should be comparing them to trailers, which are often 10-20k
    But that doesn’t mean it’s crap, and that’s not what Alex says. He says lower quality adn mentions the pros that you do.
    Don’t be so quick to assume bias and jump down someone’s throat.

  4. I’ve seen these completed and I see absolutely nothing wrong with them. The price? Can’t beat it with a stick! Want to live small and mortgage free? Then this is an excellent way to do it!!! Kudos!!!

  5. I love these Katrina cottages. Lowes used to have plans and parts but no more…..I think they are excellent starters although I don’t know if they are equipped for cold weather.

  6. I would love to have one of these little homes. No different than a park model mobile home. It’s a blank space you can upgrade or not. I Love it!!!

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