If you like the idea of a tiny house but feel that it would be just a little bit too tight then maybe something like this could work?

Sure, it’s not as high quality as a Tumbleweed, Four Lights, PAD Tiny House, or a Tiny Home Builders home.. But it seems really livable (and more spacious).

And if you really wanted to you could fix it up a little to match the quality of the tiny house builders mentioned above. This particular one isn’t in perfect condition (the listing says it needs a little bit of work) but you could always add your own touch.

Your Thoughts on Using a Katrina Cottage as a Tiny Home

What would you add or change to this to make it better? I wouldn’t mind getting a really good deal on one of these and completely renovating it to my own taste.

Is $16K Too Much for a used Katrina Cottage?

How much would you pay for it in its current condition? Because what if you had to work on it a lot? The lister says that he/she is not really too negotiable on price though. But you’ll never know.

If you’re interested in buying or making an offer read/learn more at the original listing here.

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