Spacious Cabin on Wheels with Large Windows

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Spacious Cabin on Wheels with Large Windows

Side View


I love how it has so many windows and the large sliding glass doors.

Side View with Plenty of Covered Porch Space


If it were up to me I would have put the sliding glass doors to give you direct access to the covered porch. That would make the most sense to me.

Kitchen with Lots of Cabinets


Bathroom with Full Shower


Floor Plan


This model is called the Puget Sound. It was built using cedar lap siding but you can also use log siding too.

There are a bunch of optional features, too, which I’ll list for you in bullet format below:

  • 6′ or 10′ covered front porch
  • Double doors accessing front porch
  • Additional length up to 33′
  • 32″ shower
  • Pine tongue & groove interior
  • Drywall interior

For even more info, specs and pics on this Park Model style tiny house on wheels go here to Rich’s Portable Cabins.

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S Riel says:


I agree with you. I see the doors going out to the porch is listed as an optional feature. I think I would have preferred to see the sliding glass doors going out to the porch area standard acting as the default “front doors”.

I love the house concept though. Beautiful. Love all those big windows.

Isn’t that too wide to tow down the road? And what about a tire blowout?

Alex says:

You would need a special license to tow it so most would have to hire somebody to move it. Wouldn’t be the best choice if you plan to move frequently, but if not, it’s pretty great.

Keith says:

They make these 399 square foot (typical) “Park Model” homes with all kinds of floor plans, most of which would at least have some kind of door to the covered porch. I can see having the sliding door on the side, so there’s a large unobstructed view (rather than looking through the porch area). But I just can’t fathom having NO door at all from the inside to the porch. Crazy!

michael says:

might as well just build a house….where is the down sizing….it kind of misses the entire point!!!!

Doc says:

Alex and others have made the point before that it is downsizing to what is right for the buyer/ builder of a tiny home. We may not know that the buyer comes from 5000sq ft. Food for thought.

hal mooney says:

The purists seek purity. The practical recognize that not everyone can live comfortably in 100sf. What if half of a couple thinks tiny houses are marvelous, while the other gets claustrophobic with the drapes closed. Should they give up and keep the big house, or find a wise compromise? The “tiny house” movement is one faction of a much larger socio-economic shift toward wiser living. It should be a good example of what CAN be done, so that more folks will be encouraged to try, rather than DIS-couraged by sarcasm.

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