Two Story Tiny House for Work, Guests or Living?


Photo Credit Portland Sequoia House

This is a unique tall and skinny house that I just had to show you. And it looks like there’s another small structure on the property as well.

I love the window frames and it seems to be very spacious considering it has two stories. Looks like it’d make for a great little house or even just guest quarters on anyone’s property to live in, rent out, or for family and friends to stay in.

And I really like the surrounding trees and nature. There seems to be some nice outdoor space to hang out in too.

For more pics and info go here, wait for page to load, click on Projects, then select Portland Sequoia House. There are plenty of interior shots in there too.

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  1. Thanks for the VERY detailed instructions on how to view this charming home, Alex. Without those, I’d be adrift.

    However, you might take some flack from folks for the sheer size of this home. Honey, it ain’t tiny! I’d say that it’s at least 2,000 sq.ft. and the “tiny structure” that you see in the shot is the 2 car garage with guest quarters above. There’s also a pool house + pool to the property.

    Hey, I’m not knocking it in the least! Creative, organic, sensitive to it’s surroundings…I bet that there’s loads of ideas that a future tiny home builder could copy from this design. 🙂

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