Larger More Spacious Caravan: Enough Space for Full Timing?













The gypsy micro caravan I showed you earlier is a bit too small for full time living but this one seems spacious enough to actually live a simple life in much like a tiny house on wheels or on a foundation. I could see myself living in something like this if it’s just me or even Andrea and I but it’s definitely too small IMO to have a family in. In that case I’d change it up towards a small house around 800 sq. ft. or so.

See more photos and get more info on this spacious caravan in France over at Airbnb.

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4 thoughts on “Larger More Spacious Caravan: Enough Space for Full Timing?”

  1. Your opinion of what is a suitable home is very limited. There are people voluntarily living in cars. Some people are traveling around living out of back packs and sleeping bags. Expand your mind. This trailer is huge by comparison.

    I would like to know how this trailer is transported. With those wheels it certainly can’t roll on a highway.

  2. Haha, 800 square feet is a normal sized house for a family in Holland. Everything above it is seen as a villa. Here around 400 square feet is considered normal appartment living for a couple. Even managable for a family with kids.
    Tiny living in my mind is around 100 square feet. And yes, IKEA is very populair here 🙂

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