Romantic Getaway Gypsy Caravan: Guest House or Micro Cabin

Pinned on November 30, 2013 at 9:33 am by Alex

Romantic Getaway Gypsy Caravan: Guest House or Micro Cabin










This gypsy caravan isn’t really completely set up for full time living. At least not for me. But it does offer you a queen bed, mini-fridge, tea & coffee and separate bathroom/toilet. I think it’s great as a micro guesthouse or cabin to have in the backyard of your current home. It can also double as a getaway. At home away from home sort of thing. If I wanted to make it a little more permanent I’d probably build another one right beside it to use as the shower, bathroom and kitchen facilities. Then one more as a really tiny office space where I can work, write, read and study. How about you?

More info and photos of this romantic gypsy caravan getaway in New Zealand right here.

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