Stay in Container City – The World’s Weirdest Building


Check out this awesome shipping container made building. I love when old junk is put to good use. I’d love to go visit this place and stay for a few nights. Yes, you can rent a room in this building. Talk about a fun experience. Explore London while you are at it.

Find this unique apartment building for rent on Airbnb.

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  1. As an architect, Alex, I truly appreciate the more unusual “finds” that you post in Tiny House Pins. The Gingerbread Cottage and THIS one are fascinating and show future tiny home owners how CREATIVE they can be in home design and construction. Went to SOURCE; loads of information but very few photos. Yeah, they claim they’re going to add more interior shots after a “tidy up” but haven’t posted any, and that was a year ago. Rates are listed at $193/night…which for London, is beyond cheap! One of my best mates lives 3 blocks from here! I’ll need to Skype her and ask her opinion about it.

  2. alice h: “There are an estimated 24 million vacant shipping containers in the world. Repurposing them is good for the environment, provides a base structure that reduces the cost of construction and construction timelines and as you can see, they look great!”

    MANY THANKS, ALICE H!!!!! That was a 1/2 hour of my life, very well spent, looking at everything they wrote about the project. All I could do is ~sigh~ and wonder WHO in Chicago I could send this along to, for inspiration. Hard construction cost is $82,500 per unit; open market and these would go for $199,000 each. If THESE don’t help the women they are designed for, NOTHING WILL! Each has their own laundry/kitchen/bath…what a way to get onto the Path To Wellness.

    Thanks again, alice h, for posting that link. I really enjoyed it and donated to the cause, too. If I can donate money to the homeless man that found that bag of cash, I can give to these women, too. <3

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