Top 5 Tips on How to Organize your Small Space Fast

Getting organized makes life so much easier, no matter what size your home is. When living in small spaces organizing becomes a priority. To thoroughly enjoy every inch of your tiny home you are going to have to clean up. These organizing tips will help you tidy up fast.

1. Use storage furniture.

This seems like a no-brainer but it is very important to remember this when you have limited space. Furniture with storage built in is a must. Always look for multiple functioning pieces that have drawers, shelfs or dividers. This will help reduce visual clutter.


Photo credit (photo above): Home Decorators

2. Closet Savvy.

Use clear bins to hold shoes, belts, scarves, etc. Add labels to the boxes for extra storage so you can remember what put in it by labeling it. Keep all clothes either hanging or in drawers but in most cases, you want it out of sight.


Photo credit: Pinterest

3. Hook it up!

Add decorative hooks by the bathroom, kitchen, or front door to keep keys, hats, towels, jackets and scarves out of the way.


Photo credit: Cinqmai

4. Divide it.

Add drawer dividers to keep the inside of drawers organized. I know everyone has a junk drawer you just throw everything in. This will help you find things better and stay organized easier.


Photo credit: Pinterest 

5. Give it a home.

If you no longer use or have a need for any item in your home including clothing get rid of it! Give it away, donate it, sell it, recycle it, or throw it away if you have to. Only keep what you really really like and use.


Photo credit: Pretty Handy Girl

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Portable Hot Water Outdoor Shower System

Extreme propane Outdoor shower with Heater

This propane hot outdoor shower system from ZODI Outback Gear is great for camping, tiny living and off grid living. You can also use it for hunting and one of the best parts is that it can even double as a cooking stove and it comes with the gear for that.

How it Works

It’s powered by a rustproof stainless-steel water tank and a 10,000 BTU burner. It comes with the 6′ shower hose that you see above and the system heats water to 100 degrees fahrenheit. The hand pump pressurizes the water flow without any need for power or batteries so it’s great for those off grid situations.

A More Permanent Alternative

I thought this was a cool portable alternative to the Eco-Temp instant water heater system that most folks use in their tiny houses.

Where to Buy it

I recommend using Amazon to order it if you’re interested because the pricing is usually the best here. Also you can read people’s reviews who own it and use it.

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Raising the Walls for My Tiny House

Raising Walls for Tiny House

I just got a message from a reader who is in the construction phase of his very own tiny house on wheels and I wanted to share this shot of him raising the walls.

He’s using Dan Louche’s Tiny Living plans to build the home and his goal is to live mortgage-free. The best part is that this tiny house owner/builder is blogging about his entire experience so you can follow him here.

Why Tiny Living Doesn’t Even Have to be Tiny

On Tiny living

“It is easy to romanticize tiny living. I love it but it isn’t always easy. Most of the tiny house blogs you read will also demonstrate love for the lifestyle. If you don’t love it that doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. It also doesn’t mean that something is wrong with tiny living. 

This lifestyle is more about the mindset than it is about the trappings. You can live small in a 1000 square foot house if you’re conscious about your resources, your space planning, and the way you use your home.Tiny living doesn’t even have to be tiny.” – Laura LaVoie,

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