861 Sq. Ft. Modern and Minimalist Apartment













The goal for this renovation was to turn the first floor of a home into an apartment that would be wheelchair friendly for one person who would be living there.

The home, called the Loft MM, is located in Belgium and it was designed by C.T. Architects. Photos by Tim Van de Velde.

Originally seen on ArchDaily and Humble Homes.

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387 Sq. Ft. Two Story Micro Apartment in Brazil












Photographs by Djan Chu

Architect: Alan Chu

Design Team: Anita Meduna

This micro apartment was designed and built for a recently divorced business person although I can see certain couples living here. Andrea and I would probably love this place.

Read the original article over at ArchDaily.

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From Basement to Tiny & Bright Beachside Studio Conversion















This to me is an absolute dreamy apartment. I love the white color throughout because it makes it feels more open and spacious. And I also like the location because it’s by the beach. If you know me, you know I love being close to the water.. Especially the ocean. Another reason I like this conversion so much is that it used to be a basement! And for me it’s always exciting to see people convert their garages, basements, sheds and turn them into something so beautiful, useful and functional like this. Get more info and photos on this tiny apartment studio that was once a basement right here.

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273 Sq. Ft. Shoebox Tiny Apartment











I thought you’d also love this 273 sq. ft. tiny apartment that this small family lives in in Warsaw, Poland. Even though it’s a tiny space the furniture and design really makes the most of it and it actually looks and feels quite spacious for its size. The big box functions as a bed and storage.  Even the staircase that leads you up to the bed has drawers built in so it’s easy to get up there (even for the dog) and it makes the best use of space possible. More photos and info available here. Interior design by UtopiaStudio.pl. Photographer Gosia Góra.

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Eco Stacked Shipping Container Apartments in Uruguay

Eco Stacked Shipping Container Apartments in Uruguay-01

Eco Stacked Shipping Container Apartments in Uruguay-02

Eco Stacked Shipping Container Apartments in Uruguay-03

Eco Stacked Shipping Container Apartments in Uruguay-04

Eco Stacked Shipping Container Apartments in Uruguay-05

Eco Stacked Shipping Container Apartments in Uruguay-06

Eco Stacked Shipping Container Apartments in Uruguay-07

Eco Stacked Shipping Container Apartments in Uruguay-08

Eco Stacked Shipping Container Apartments in Uruguay-09

Eco Stacked Shipping Container Apartments in Uruguay-10

Eco Stacked Shipping Container Apartments in Uruguay-11

Eco Stacked Shipping Container Apartments in Uruguay-12

Eco Stacked Shipping Container Apartments in Uruguay-13

Eco Stacked Shipping Container Apartments in Uruguay-14

Eco Stacked Shipping Container Apartments in Uruguay-15

These unique shipping container apartments were created by a celebrity chef/entrepreneur named Alejandra Dellepiane.

It’s a hotel in José Ignacio, Uruguay made completely of shipping containers. This is the first hotel of its kind in the country.

Outside you’ll find wooden decks, flower gardens, firepit, jacuzzi and grill. The structures are surrounded by a forest of pine trees and you’re really close to the beach.

Solar panels heat your water and LEDs light everything up for you while you’re there.


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312 Sq. Ft. Tiny Modern White Apartment







I like how the staircase to the sleeping loft in this 312 sq. ft. micro apartment doubles as a bookcase and storage. They were fortunate to have 12′ high ceilings to work with to make the loft space possible while creating more space out of thin air in the lower level. You can see the elevation and floor plan drawings here.

Amazing what you can do with the help of an architect and a lot of money, right.. If only real estate developers would create spaces like this in more scale so that they’d be more affordable and widely available to all. One day, one day..

Designed by 3XA Architects

Photos by Zajaczkowski

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From Little Closet to Tiny Office

Jennifer's Tiny Office in a Closet

Image: Jennifer Jones via Apartment Therapy

What happens when you want to have a home office but you’re in a tiny space like a one bedroom apartment? You have to get creative, that’s what!

Turning your closet into a micro office

So if you don’t want to have an oversized and cluttered desk in your living room or bedroom one idea is to turn one of your closets into a hidden office space that you can pull out anytime.

That’s what Jennifer did. When I used to live at home with my parents back when I was a teenager this is exactly what I did for a while too and I loved it because I could simply close the closet doors and my room was a room. Just a room.

Do you have (or have you had) an unusual tiny office like this?

What creative ideas have you used today or in the past to create an awesome (and unusual) office in a small space?

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518 Sq. Ft. Studio with Hidden Office


Image: Apartment Therapy

Building a loft is a great way to add more room to small spaces. Whether you’re in an apartment, regular house or cabin. Elevating your sleeping area creates more space you can use directly below instantly. In this case an office was created with the space. And if you look closely you can tell that this is not a very expensive project and yet it can add so much to a space that’s 1,000 sq. ft. or less. It’s interesting, too, how they decided to use a material that you can see through a little bit instead of the normal everyday drywall.

See the rest of the apartment at Apartment Therapy’s original entry on this small space here.

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