Jess & Dan’s Tiny Home on Wheels: Couple Living Tiny & Mortgage-Free









Images: Living in a Tiny House

Video Tour of Jess & Dan’s DIY Tiny House on Wheels

Learn more and see more of Jess & Dan’s tiny house project over at their blog and Facebook Page.

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$38K Addison Mansion Tiny House on Wheels


Image: Flickr/Tomas Quinones

Audrey & Tomas

I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to Audrey Addison and Tomas Quinones and their Addison Mansion tiny house on wheels. Tomas became interested in simple living after leaving an unfulfilling job in 2008. Audrey has lived in Portland, OR for a while and has recently also decided to try living tiny. Oh and I can’t forget Benjamin- their cuddly cat who has many, many names.

The Tiny House

  • $38,000
  • 8’x’20’x13.5′
  • 200 sq. ft. inside
  • Composting toilet
  • Location: Portland, OR
  • Lived in since: November 2, 2012

More info, pics and even an FAQ on it here. More photos are right here.

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Tiny Houses & Your Lover: Convincing, Waiting or Meeting in Between?


I want you to meet Chris & Kristen. They’re a young couple who are building a tiny house on blocks. They’re still in the construction phase so be sure to add them to your watch list. Instead of building on wheels they decided to build on blocks. And they can always move it later or maybe even attach it to a trailer if they really wanted to.


Photo Credits Tiny House on Blocks

Making a Deal with your Spouse/Significant Other on Building a Tiny House

But what I really wanted you to read was how they got to the point to where they decided to start building a tiny home. I always find it fascinating the way that we have to sometimes convince our significant others to go for the lifestyle. And this is one of the best blog posts I’ve read on that topic (if you have more, please share the links in the comments).

Convincing your Partner and Meeting Somewhere In Between

Chris could have gone even smaller than what they’re building right now considering he’s lived out of a van before. Kristen wasn’t willing to go that far. So they had to meet in between.

And meeting in between looks different for everybody. So please don’t compare your situation to others because they’re all unique..

Anyways do yourself a favor and read this entire post on how Chris & Kristen made a decision on starting their tiny house project.

Your Thoughts on Couples Living in Tiny Houses

Then if you want share your thoughts and ideas on how you’ve had to convince, be patient, or simply meet in-between with your significant other and your tiny house dreams. We’d all love for you to share in the comments.

You’re Pretty Lucky, If..

One thing I think is fair to say is this, if you love tiny houses and are in a relationship with someone who’s also down to live tiny (shout out to Chris & Malissa!), you can consider yourself pretty lucky! So go give your partner a big hug when you see him/her next! (Actually I think you should probably do that whether or not they wanna live tiny with you.) 😀

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3 Couples Group Building Tumbleweed Tiny Houses


Photo Credit Sarah Weintraub

I thought you would find this story interesting because it’s about 3 couples that are group building Tumbleweed tiny houses together.

I honestly can’t think of a better way to learn and do this. It’s better than a workshop because it’s a real experience. And you’re committed to the end.

AND you have constant and never ending support from each other from start to finish. So here’s a little bit about what they’re doing and what they’ve already done.

Three Couples Building Tiny Houses

Cypress 20 Tiny House


Linden Tiny House




  • This summer and fall


  • Sonoma, CA

By the way, did I mention you can vacation in the first ever Tumbleweed Linden? Learn more about that here.

Photo sources: See the Linden at Tiny Town and Cypress 20 Tiny House Plans at Tumbleweed.

How You Can Get Started

Consider one of many expert designed Tumbleweed tiny house plans.

Consider a Tumbleweed tiny house trailer that you can order online directly through Tumbleweed.

Consider the new Tumbleweed How to Build a Tiny House on Wheels DVD.

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