The Looper: Portable Lightweight Travel Pod









The Looper is a portable lightweight travel pod inspired by the caterpillar by a company called Nomadic Resorts.

It’s made of a lightweight fabric that’s stretched over a wooden frame.

Each segment folds out and inside you’ll find a bathroom, sleeping area, changing area, patio deck, and even a micro office.

And it has air conditioning. With the push of a button the roof opens up to bring the outside in without having to leave.

Even better, the pod is equipped with a solar canopy to power your lights and air conditioning.

It doesn’t stop there.. The little mobile structure also collects rainwater and recycles it for you so you can take hot solar powered showers.

This little structure is so flexible it can be built in the desert, on a floating deck, or anywhere else you might think of.

Learn more here.

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Humble Yurt Living in Portugal

Humble Yurt Living in Portugal-01

Humble Yurt Living in Portugal-02

Humble Yurt Living in Portugal-03

Humble Yurt Living in Portugal-04

Humble Yurt Living in Portugal-05

Humble Yurt Living in Portugal-06

Humble Yurt Living in Portugal-07

Humble Yurt Living in Portugal-08

Humble Yurt Living in Portugal-09

Humble Yurt Living in Portugal-10

Humble Yurt Living in Portugal-11

Humble Yurt Living in Portugal-12

Images: Boutique Homes

I’ve always wanted to try living in a yurt even if it’s just for a short period of time. It’s like this mash up between camping in a tent and staying in a cabin. Especially these not so modernized versions here in Portugal. There are two Turkic Yurts on the property and they each have their own private outside showers with bathrooms. They each sit on elevated platforms and there are trees all around to keep you shaded and cool.

More info on these are available here in case you want to rent one for vacation.

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Yurt Cabin with Porch near Yosemite














I thought you’d enjoy this fun yurt cabin you can rent in Coulterville, California. It has enough space to sleep 7 so you can invite the whole family to camp right in the middle of nature.

25 miles from Yosemite National Park and close to Mono Lake, Mammoth Lake, Kings Canyon, Columbia National Park for day trips.

The yurt is 3 miles from shopping, dining and fuel. The local area has trails for hiking, horseback riding, zip lining, boating and natural pool for swimming.

Located on a 13-acre wooded parcel with the owners living in a separate home on the property.

It is fully furnished and equipped including solar power, propane heater, gas stove/oven, refrigerator, wood-burning stove, deck, picnic area with grill, parking area for multiple vehicles, a queen-size bed, futon bunk bed, 3 foam mattresses and couch.

Check out the reviews on Airbnb everyone seems to be pleased with their stay. They have all 5 stars!

If you want to book a stay here for the future you can check the calendar and reserve a spot here.

Images by: Airbnb

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Treehouse Cabin you can stay in at Moose Meadow Lodge Vermont

Treehouse Cabin Resort B&B

“Supported by two mature pine trees, the Treehouse at Moose Meadow is redefining glamorous camping or “glamping.” Designed for those who enjoy camping as well as creature comforts, this handcrafted two-story nest is made with cedar, pine, maple and hemlock. Its 29 windows maximize your experience of the natural surroundings.”

At around $425/night, it’ll cost you to stay here! But I’m sure it’s quite the experience. More info here.

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Micro A-frame Cabin Vacation Rental for Glamping










Learn more and book your stay in this micro cabin here.

Enjoy the privacy of your own cozy cabin on the grounds of Maitreya Mountain Village, an off-grid sustainable community nestled deep in the heart of Six Rivers National Forest. Your hand-built hut features seasonal propane heat, a comfy double mattress, outdoor composting toilet system, peace and tranquility, and the gurgle of Little Jones Creek lulling you to sleep at night …”

“… From your cabin, you are welcome to wander at will amongst our 160 acres of mostly steep, forested land, and enjoy the streams and waterfalls leading into Little Jones Creek. A stroll down the” driveway” and back along the forestry road is a beautiful hike in itself, where you could easily spend all day in the company of only quiet woodland creatures.” (Source)

Learn more and book your stay in this micro cabin here.

I recently featured a neighboring cabin that’s on this same property that you can also stay in. You might want to check that out here.

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Tiny Camping Cabins

camping teepees

These tiny camping cabins are at a European camp site in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

This is a trend we’re all becoming familiar with known as glamping, or, glamorous camping.

Hopefully there’s a window in the rear of the bunkhouse, but I guess it’s the sort of thing where you’re just supposed to sleep there.

And use the rest of your time to go explore and adventure, right? It really would be cool if you’re a homeowner to have one or two of these in the backyard, wouldn’t it?

Such a great way to get to have guests over and it would cost next to nothing after a few years of using it. For now the camping industry seems to be taking the idea and running with it with plenty of success.

I admit, it’s really fun getting to stay in a tiny cabin of some sort rather than in a hotel, motel, somebody’s bedroom, or pitching a tent.

Simple but Spacious Log Cabin vs Tiny Log Cabin


The log cabin above is still simple and small. But relative to the tiny log cabin below it seems kind of huge, doesn’t it? Beautiful though. I really like it.

Log Cabin

I imagine the cabin above is only suitable for sleeping. It’s a sort of bunk house I would guess.

But there might just be enough room for a corner bed, kitchenette, storage, and maybe, just maybe.. a bathroom. But I think that might be pushing it.

So given the choice. Which cabin would you take? The larger and way more expensive log cabin. Or this simple, tiny log cabin?

I’d have to go with the larger one because otherwise I think I’d have to be by myself! How about you?

Tiny Glamping Cabin


Have you heard of Glamping yet? It means “glamorous camping” in case you didn’t know.

And I think this tiny cabin makes for some great inspiration with its usable front porch.

I love how there are so many windows in the front but I hope there’s one more in the back to create a breezeway.

Would you go glamping here? Better yet, what ideas would you take from this into your own future tiny/small house design?

Here’s a pretty cool thought from a blogger.

I’m saving this picture for inspiration.  My sisters and I share a waterfront lot on a lake very close to my house.  I have this idyllic idea that we will each build a little bunkhouse someday at the lake and we will drink wine and socialize.  For now we have a retro 1960’s trailer that we all share…and it’s not at all photogenic.  We’ve nicknamed it the “Eisenhower Trailer” and we do have a lot of fun there…and we do drink wine…so I guess that’s a start right? (Source)