Tiny Glamping Cabin


Have you heard of Glamping yet? It means “glamorous camping” in case you didn’t know.

And I think this tiny cabin makes for some great inspiration with its usable front porch.

I love how there are so many windows in the front but I hope there’s one more in the back to create a breezeway.

Would you go glamping here? Better yet, what ideas would you take from this into your own future tiny/small house design?

Here’s a pretty cool thought from a blogger.

I’m saving this picture for inspiration.  My sisters and I share a waterfront lot on a lake very close to my house.  I have this idyllic idea that we will each build a little bunkhouse someday at the lake and we will drink wine and socialize.  For now we have a retro 1960’s trailer that we all share…and it’s not at all photogenic.  We’ve nicknamed it the “Eisenhower Trailer” and we do have a lot of fun there…and we do drink wine…so I guess that’s a start right? (Source)

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