Jess & Dan’s Tiny Home on Wheels: Couple Living Tiny & Mortgage-Free









Images: Living in a Tiny House

Video Tour of Jess & Dan’s DIY Tiny House on Wheels

Learn more and see more of Jess & Dan’s tiny house project over at their blog and Facebook Page.

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The Flying Tortoise Tiny House

Flying Tortoise Tiny House

I don’t know about you but some of my favorite tiny houses are those which the owner/builders have put in the time to design and build with reclaimed materials. And Colin’s coastal cabin totally embodies that look and feel with his tiny rolling house.

Using Reclaimed Materials to Build Tiny

Colin’s friend, Steve, taught him how to use salvaged materials a few months prior to getting started. Get the complete tour and story of how it was built over here at Kent’s blog post on Colin’s tiny house.

How the Heck do you Build on Wheels?

Colin, the owner/builder of this house, also used Go House Go by Dee Williams and the Tiny House Construction Guide by Dan Louche to learn how to build it and to guide him through the processes of building a wood framed house onto a trailer.

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22′ Extra Long Ynez Tiny House on Wheels by Oregon Cottage Co.


Photos by Oregon Cottage Co.

One of the neatest features of this Oregon Cottage tiny house is that it’s got some extra length on it. This allowed them to design a built in closet and storage up in the sleeping loft which I think is pretty much crucial if you plan on living in something like this full-time or for any extended period of time. You’ll see what I mean below.

Awesome Little Kitchen in a Tiny Home on Wheels


I really appreciate the large sink because when you have no dish washer and you like to cook at home you’ve got to have that space to wash your pots and pans and such. It always bothers me when folks use really small sinks in the kitchen. Unless of course it’s because they don’t ever plan on cooking. But that’s something I can’t live without because I love home cooked meals more than anything.


Sleeping Loft with Storage & Mini Closets


This sleeping loft actually looks extra spacious compared to most. I also like it because it has a little bit of a Japanese style vibe to it which is something I usually appreciate. When you turn around, though, the look changes a bit for me and I think it’s mostly due to the metal handrail which you can see below.


Still good! But to keep that Asian look going I probably would’ve used some kind of natural wood. I still like this though.

Bathroom with Normal Flush Toilet and Shelving


Storage in the bathroom in a tiny house is a must. And you’ve got it here. Also notice the little cabinet towards the bump out of the house in the photo above.

To learn more about this tiny house and to see even more pictures head on over to the Oregon Cottage Company’s official website right here.

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Tiny House Plans: The Tack House Plan by Chris & Malissa


The Tack House is a 140 sq. ft. tiny home on a trailer. The trailer is 7′ x 20′.

The gable roof and dormers really add to it and must make it feel spacious in the loft.

There’s also extra storage space because of the dormers too which is awesome.

This tiny house has a total of 11 windows including a skylight.

Check out the latest photos of Chris & Malissa’s tiny home on wheels.

Get the plans so you can build it yourself or have a builder do it for you here.

If you have any questions on the plans there’s an FAQ at the bottom of this page here where you might get your questions answered.

Like a Rolling Home: $17k for a Reclaimed Tiny House with Double Lofts?


More Exterior Photos of this Double Loft Tiny House


Notice the swinging porch cover. I thought that was pretty simple and clever and hadn’t seen the idea being used on any other tiny houses, have you?


The idea of removing the tires from the trailer for a while is a great way to preserve the tires and save money on that.

The tongue of the trailer is being used to store propane.






Let’s go inside!

Interior of the Double Loft Tiny House


Notice the Dickinson Marine Heater inside. It’s one of the most expensive options for heating little homes but it’s certainly one of the best looking and most space efficient too. You can get one here.



Ladder to the Double Loft


Storage Closet & Wardrobe


The Kitchen




You can find counter top drinking water filters just like this on Amazon right here.





Bathroom with Shower



Obviously you can install your own choice of toilet there whether that’s an RV flush toilet, regular flush toilet or a composting system.

The Sleeping Loft


More About This Tiny Home

Features and special details about this tiny house:

  • Made from reclaimed wood from two Texas farm houses
  • The double loft can fit up to two queen sized mattresses
  • Electric & plumbing done by licensed professionals
  • Custom 6′ couch with storage
  • Two closets
  • Stainless steel countertops in the kitchen
  • Three-burner propane range
  • LED lighting throughout
  • Propane detector and two smoke/fire/carbon monoxide detectors
  • 30″x30″ shower
  • Hook up for propane water heater

How’s $16,500 for a Finished Tiny House on a Trailer?

Asking price? $16,500. But it’s most likely already sold because it was originally posted back in February 2013. Read the original post here.

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Minim Homes: Tiny House on Wheels at Boneyard Studios

Minim House - 04

Minim House - 01

Minim House - 02

Minim House - 03

Minim House - 14

Minim House - 13


Minim House - 05

Minim House - 11

Minim House - 15

Minim House - 12

Minim House - 16

Minim House - 17

Minim House - 18



“As for the experience of being in this 210 square foot house, while I can’t officially live here, I did design it to allow for that someday, and have spent many hours in the space. I have tried moving everything in to see how it fits for the photo shoot.  In short, it’s quite perfect.  There’s room for 175 books, a full sized keyboard and guitar, bar, KitchenAid stand mixer & attachments, a 10 tray food dehydrator, bread machine, 75+ mason jars, sewing machine, suitcase, printer/copier, bags of tools, etc.  There’s even room left over for a combo washer/dryer in the closet (the one thing I’ve felt might be missing).  Most important to me, this all fits without feeling at all cramped or cluttered, and with room for 10 guests to sit comfortably.” (Source)

Did you know this tiny house was built using SIP panels? It’s also part of the showcase tiny house community at Boneyard Studios in DC.

Read the original post here. More info on Minim Homes here. Buy the plans to build this tiny house yourself here.

75 Sq. Ft. Funky Micro Cabin on Wheels






This 75 square foot micro cabin on wheels is located in Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada.

Mobile Micro Cabin Features

  • Sleeping loft
  • Fold out table
  • Dining area
  • Pine cabinets
  • Custom drawers
  • Heated floors
  • Fully insulated
  • Metal roofing
  • LED lighting
  • Cedar deck
  • Mini refrigerator

For sale. Asking $26,500. More info here.

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Colin’s Coastal Cabin: One of a Kind Tiny Home on Wheels


Photo Credit Tiny House Blog

“Here’s a little bit of my tiny house building story and some of the things I learned in the process. I hope this information will help or possibly inspire a few future tiny house builders, in the same way I was greatly supported by all you guys who shared your stories before me. The best things about this project were the support I received from friends and family, and getting to learn so many new things this year.” (source)

Read the rest of the story and see the rest of the photos (interior, exterior and construction) here.

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The Mighty Micro House on Wheels: For Sale for $38k


Interior with Sleeping Loft, Kitchen and Door to Washroom


I love the wooden table. Beautiful!

Kitchen with Little Corner Cabinet and Micro Stove


Other Side of Kitchen with Corner Cabinet and Mini Refrigerator


Front Door and Cozy Reading Nook


Sleeping Loft in the Mighty Micro House!


“Living room features scrap-steel and Milestone entry, fir floor, cathedral ceiling, Dickinson Newport propane heater and window seat. Leaded glass loft dormers open for breeze through sleeping loft. Stowable ladder provides access to loft. Kitchen outfitted with stained glass corner cupboards, under counter refrigerator, 4-burner propane oven range and toe-kick drawers. A re-purposed woodstove door covers the cooking fan. Walk-in closet with vanity/desk (2-gallon electric water heater underneath). Knotty pine paneling throughout. Exterior cedar shingles, siding and trim. All windows are salvaged. Refrigerator and oven range are also second use.” (source)

Asking $38,000 for the finished home. Learn more and contact the seller if interested here.

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Grandma Building Tiny: Sharla’s Tiny House Project




“Sharla’s tiny house–outside done! 10 days with daughter and son in law to frame and shingle, two months for me to finish the outside. 59 year old grandma with marginal skills but I did it! Now– on to the inside.” (source)

I hope we can find out more about Sharla and her tiny house project soon but for now you might be able to follow her on Pinterest here.

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Building a Tiny House on a Trailer (Video)


If you’ve ever imagined building a tiny house on wheels for yourself you might be in for quite a journey. It’s not as easy as it looks! Building a house, even a tiny one, takes time, dedication and commitment. Here’s one woman’s success story in video format as sort of a time lapse of her tiny house construction project:

Building a Tiny House on a Trailer (Video)

She used Tumbleweed tiny house plans to build it even though she ended up straying from the plans a bit to add her own personal touch.

If you want to learn more about how to build and live tiny I recommend an upcoming workshop where you can connect with others and immerse yourself with learning through experience.

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Having a Get Together in a Tiny House


Who says you can have too many visitors when living in a tiny house?

Sure looks like a great time the folks in the picture above are having, wouldn’t you love getting together with your friends/family outside of your tiny house like this?

I know I sure would! And to me, hanging out with friends outside is usually more enjoyable for me than doing it inside.

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Tiny House on Roids

Park Model Tiny House

Park Model Tiny House

Park Model Tiny House

Park Model Tiny House

Park Model Tiny House

Park Model Tiny House

Park Model Tiny House

Park Model Tiny House

Park Model Tiny House

The park model size for tiny houses I think is better for most of us even though you’d have to hire a professional driver every time you’d want to move it.

What do you think? Would you consider a Park Model instead of a “tiny house on wheels” so you can have a little more space and width?

More photos here. Photos by Rich Daniels.

Park Model Tiny House for Sale in Florida

Park Model Tiny House for Sale







Park Model features:
This park model is built to residential design standards with high quality materials and provides a comfortable living for up to four people in a space saving footprint that can be transported and set up just about anywhere. It can be used as temporary or full time housing, hunting or vacation cabin, recreational vehicle, mobile office or emergency response platform, construction office or any application where a clean, cool and comfortable living space is needed. Modifications can be made to suit any purpose. 24 ft long, 8.5 ft wide, 11 ft high, able to be transported on any highway. Dry weight approx. 4900 lbs. Double axel base trailer, 2 inch x 6 inch frame with electric brakes. 2×4 framing construction with 5/8 floor deckin. g R13 floor wall and roof insulation with Tyvek building wrap on walls. 1/4 inch wall and roof sheathing, all assembled with construction adhesive and galvanized fasteners. Tyvek underbelly on bottom of floor Vinyl siding and gutters. Vinyl roof panels with no fasteners, adhesive secured. Vinyl double pane insulated windows Vinyl shutters. Sidewalls are 6ft, 8inches high vaulted to 7ft, 10inches for excellent interior headroom. Residential style entry door and locks Interior is designed and decorated in a beach house motif. Interior is paneled with bead board on the bottom and decorative panels on top with wainscoting. Windows are trimmed with window sills and valances. Vinyl mini blinds, Custom made awning valances in dining and galley. Wood look solid vinyl flooring throughou. t Queen size pullout sofa sleeper in living/bedroom area. Space for rocker/recliner in living area. Dinette seating for 6 folds down to sleeping area for 2. All pvc plumbing with shutoffs, 20 gallon residential water heater. Stainless look microwave and refrigerator. Residential galley cabinets, countertops and sink. Residential commode and bath sink/vanity, 48 inch wide x 30 inch deep residential full size shower. 13,500 btu ducted central ac system; heat strip can be added for heating. Entertainment center with room for a 32 inch flat screen, audio and video equipment and shelves for storage. 50 amp RV type power cord, 12/2 and 14/2 residential power wiring with 150 amp breaker box and GFI protected outlets. Cable TV runs to entertainment center and door side for outside TV. RV style waste outlet and water connections. Hitch area is designed so that a fold-up porch can be added. This unit will be available for showing on a limited basis.