Cypress 20 Tumbleweed Tiny House Project using SIPs






I thought you might also enjoy this Tumbleweed Cypress 20 custom project by Joe Coover. Art from the SIP tiny house is helping him with the project too which is pretty awesome.

I encourage you to follow along over at Joe’s blog, Long Story Short House as he progresses through the build.

Read the original blog post here.

Images: Joe Coover, Long Story Short House

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The SIP Tiny House on Wheels











This SIP Tiny House is built using Structurally Insulated Panels. This means that once the design is complete you can have the panels used to build the main components of the home cut by a manufacturer of SIPs.

Then you can gather friends to help put it together using a screw gun and construction glue. At this point you have your basic shell completed and fully insulated.

“The panels allow someone with out the technical knowledge of framing a house to erect a structure that is stronger and better insulated in a weekend.  I hope you are inspired to create your own tiny house and that you now have an example of a different construction method to explore.” – Art,

You can also learn more details about this SIP tiny house and how SIPs work on this post over at Tiny House Talk.

More photos and information are also available at Art’s blog.

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Minim Homes: Tiny House on Wheels at Boneyard Studios

Minim House - 04

Minim House - 01

Minim House - 02

Minim House - 03

Minim House - 14

Minim House - 13


Minim House - 05

Minim House - 11

Minim House - 15

Minim House - 12

Minim House - 16

Minim House - 17

Minim House - 18



“As for the experience of being in this 210 square foot house, while I can’t officially live here, I did design it to allow for that someday, and have spent many hours in the space. I have tried moving everything in to see how it fits for the photo shoot.  In short, it’s quite perfect.  There’s room for 175 books, a full sized keyboard and guitar, bar, KitchenAid stand mixer & attachments, a 10 tray food dehydrator, bread machine, 75+ mason jars, sewing machine, suitcase, printer/copier, bags of tools, etc.  There’s even room left over for a combo washer/dryer in the closet (the one thing I’ve felt might be missing).  Most important to me, this all fits without feeling at all cramped or cluttered, and with room for 10 guests to sit comfortably.” (Source)

Did you know this tiny house was built using SIP panels? It’s also part of the showcase tiny house community at Boneyard Studios in DC.

Read the original post here. More info on Minim Homes here. Buy the plans to build this tiny house yourself here.