DIY Homemade Bench with Built in Storage





Thought you would also like this awesome DIY homemade bench with built in storage used in a kitchen to store food goodies. Great idea for a tiny/small house, don’t you think?

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Space Saving Booth Style Kitchen Seating/Dining


Thought you might also like this idea for a space saving dining booth near your kitchen whether you go with a tiny house or a small home. In most RVs you get a set up like this but no storage because it converts into a bed at night. If you go with a more permanent dining arrangement like this, you can add storage drawers into the design to create extra space to store your kitchen goods.

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One Unique Way to Create More Storage in your Tiny House


Image Credit: Mini-Mobile Cottage


Image: Mini-Mobile Cottage <– Check out their blog here

This space in your “extra” loft can be used for storage as well as to creatively house vents for an air conditioning system if you wanted… or, both! I just like how instead of leaving the space open like in most other tiny houses I’ve seen they created a simple and sleek door to cover up whatever you decide to put in there.. Especially if it’s for your air system. But even if it’s for storage, you’d get to make better use of it by closing it in like this. Otherwise it kind of becomes decorative space in my opinion.

Head on over to the Mini-Mobile Cottage blog to learn more about this couple’s tiny house construction project and downsizing journey as it’s really interesting. Also check out their Picasa Photo Album of the entire project here so you can see more photos.

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How to Build a Staircase with Storage for your Tiny Home

How to build a staircase with storage for your tiny house

I thought you would also enjoy this step by step tutorial on how to build a staircase with storage for your tiny home in case you’re a DIYer and will be or are currently building a tiny house for yourself. Andrew Morrison, of Tiny House Build, shows you how step by step.

Head on over to his blog to follow his staircase construction tutorial.

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Space Saving Wall Mounted Table: The Spacebox by Calligaris


This wall mounted table called the Spacebox by Calligaris is a great space saver. It works in kitchens, studies and pretty much any other rooms too. It would even be great for business and art spaces too.

I found it to be an amazing design for the inside of a tiny house or cabin because you can use it in the living room to dine, work, study or write. So it works great in any small space like a micro apartment, too.

In most normal homes it would also work in a hallway, sitting room, den or living room. It’s great for storage, too, because of all the shelves. So when you’re done using everything it has its place and you can easily fold the table down so you can have more available and usable floor space. See it in action, and then out of action, below:





How would you use one of these wonderful little space boxes to make more out of your space? Or, better yet, would you take this design as inspiration and build your own version of it yourself? Whatever your plans, we’d love to read them if you’d be willing to share in the comments below. Thanks!

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Headboard Storage Idea for Small Spaces


Originally designed to hold your decorative pillows throughout the night while you’re sleeping so you don’t have to stack them on a chair or throw them on the floor right before bed. But I thought, for us tiny house people, this idea can be used for a number of other things. There’s not a ton of room in the headboard but it can be used to store sheets, books, pillows, remotes and maybe even your laptop?

What are your thoughts on this headboard storage furniture idea? Does it open up your mind to somewhere else that you can create storage out of wasted space? If so, please share in the comments below and help us spread the word with a “Like” or share.

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Wildflower II Tiny House has Staircase with Storage to Loft



Ladders to sleeping lofts in tiny houses seem to frighten a lot of people.

Tiny house builders and designers have been responding with creative solutions for this.

Sleeping lofts are big space savers in tiny homes so it’s challenging to just take them out of the picture although you can and many folks have.

In this case Tiny Green Cabins has designed and built a staircase to the loft with built in storage drawers. Genius idea and excellent execution.

Wildflower II from Tiny Green Cabins




Dickinson Fireplace


Incinerating Toilet


Washer and Dryer in a Tiny House


I love how they were able to fit a washer and a dryer in such a small space. There are all-in-one units that can save you space but they take 2-4 times as long to dry your clothes and they don’t do as great of a job. Anyways I talk a little more about them in this post.


More information on plans and floor plan on the Wildflower II are here. The original post on the staircase is here. More interior photos are available here.

Visit Tiny Green Cabins official web page here. “Like” them on Facebook here.

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5 Ideas for Staircase Storage and Utility in Small Spaces






Even if you have a normal house, big house, or just a small house. Wouldn’t it be cool to make the place smarter?

I love ideas like this especially where you can double your space and usability with design smarts.

Photo credits unknown.

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How to Design a Space Saving Drawer Under your Sink


I found out about this space saving under the sink drawer idea for your kitchen over on Pinterest and All About You. Then I found the manufacturer of the product which is Blum. They call it the TANDEMBOX Sink Drawer. You can actually order it directly through Amazon right here though.

It’s a drawer that wraps around the sink which is awesome because it uses every available inch of space that’s under there normally goes unused. This allows you to store tiny gadgets and kitchen cleaning materials without having to look at them all the time.

This got me thinking, though, “what other products like this might be available out there?”

And, “can a person who’s handy design and build one of these to custom fit their sink?”

Of course they can! So don’t be shy to show these photos to your carpenter and designer. You’ll be surprised at how simple it is for someone with carpentry experience to create something like this. All they need is the idea.

But for those of you who want something ready made that you can simply order and install I thought I’d do some Amazon research for you so we can see what else is out there. And you can either order one of these directly or use the ideas here to create your own customized version that perfectly fits your design.

Rev-a-Shelf Under Sink Kitchen Storage


More info, reviews and pricing available here. It’s available in a bunch of different sizes like 22″, 13″, 16″, 31″ and 11″.

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