Tiny Cottage that Exudes Simplicity


Source: Unknown

I love the pleasant looking vibe this particular tiny house gives off. It’s small yet grand at the same time. I absolutely love it.

Looks like a house I’d be happy to get up in the morning and walk out the door with a smile in my face while holding my hot cup of Tazo green tea.

Seems to be 350-500 square feet, what would you say? I wonder what the interior looks like, seems to have potential for a beautiful loft judging by the windows on top.

For me, houses like this just exude simplicity. If only builders and investors would understand that we need more humble homes like this in the world. “Like” this page if you agree!

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  1. I love this house too and would love to see the interior. On a previous post you questioned why you did not see very many tiny house people using Murphy beds. My guess would be the cost. But I agree that they would work well, especially a multi-functional one i.e. with a folding table fitted into the bottom.

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