Tiny Medieval Castle Cottage


Photo Credit: Tiny House Blog

This cottage is located on a 100+ year old farmhouse in Southwest Michigan on 10 acres.

It’s really unique in it’s design and has a real cool medieval type of look to it.

I could imagine this being in a Lord of the Rings type of movie if it wasn’t for the chairs on the porch, haha.

Anyways check out in interior photos below because I think you’ll really like them:


The loft does not include a bed, instead a more luxurious and peaceful reading area.. And I totally love it!


For more photos and info on this medieval tiny house read the original post here.

What do you think about this beautiful wooden castle cottage? What would you add or change to make it best for your needs?

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  1. Lord of the rings inspired and good use of some recycled materials. Small footprint with good use of loft space. Small homes do not have to be boring!

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