400 Sq. Ft. Country Cottage in Vermont with Land for $63k



I really like the unique shape of the home along with the deck and view.


Anyway this cottage is situated on 1 acre and it was built in 1950.

Living Area Inside Small Vermont Cottage


View of Kitchen, Dining and Ladder to Loft


Doors that go out to the Deck


Back to the Kitchen


Sleeping Loft



“This adorable country cottage is sited on one acre with a small clearing, stone walls and mixed woods. Only two miles to beautiful Newfane Village and an easy commute to skiing, it is ready to move in with most furnishings included. Improvements over the last 11 years include drilled well, roof, windows, heating, kitchen, siding and more. Wraparound deck overlooks the grounds, stone walls and stairs. Small but sweet!” (source)

Small Cottage in Vermont on 1 Acre for $63K: Good Deal or Too Much?

Do you think this small cottage is a good deal for $63k with land? What do you like best about it? It’s just two miles from Newfane, Vermont¬†which I don’t know much about. Do you? For more info see the original listing here. I originally saw it here.

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  1. So what’s it worth? I don’t think it’s way too high at all, but I am familiar with New England real estate values.

  2. @Jack hurricane Irene didn’t do much damage that far north and west of the coast.
    Land in New England is pricey. I am familiar with real estate in most of the NE states and this is a fair asking price in the current market for an acre of land in that area, especially with a drilled well on site.

  3. Um @MELODY—Really? Care to come take a tour around and see just how MUCH damage there STILL is from Irene? I was up that way on Fri and there are still houses sitting IN the streams and closed business’ with major damage. I don’t live that far from this and I see this damage all the time. Septic tanks that were lifted up now sitting in the stream beds. 30+ FOOT wall of dirt and debris sitting on the Kelly Stand Road–closed now for TWO YEARS. And people LIVE up there year round!

    AS to it’s “worth”—I would say that in the local parlance this would be a “hunting cabin” and you might get offers on this–but prob NOT 63k as-is.

    IT needs some serious deck work; probably some rafter work–see the leaning walls!—as mentioned the wire shelves in the kitchen are tacky and your stuff will just fall off—-some nice open wooden shelves would go a LONG way here towards cozy—And that BEDROOM! Why IS the bed draped in PLASTIC WRAP? And is that a TWIN bed taking up the ENTIRE room? Where I live across the NY border from Rupert VT there are several places like this for sale –none of which qualify for a mortgage BTW—and they are NOT selling for this and some are larger and nicer. Just sayin’.

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