How to Design and Install Solar System in a Tiny House

How to Design and Install Solar Panels in Tiny Houses


Step 1: Determine How Much Power You’ll Need


“The first step in designing the solar electrical system for the Tiny House was to determine how much power and energy would be needed (the system load).  This was achieved by creating a simple table and recording each appliance, its rated power and how many hours per day it is used. ”

Learn how to design and install a solar system for tiny houses @ Tiny House Over the Hill

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  1. Are there panels on both sides of the roof? If not, would it not be better to have the panels on the side without the stovepipe, so you don’t lose some input from the shadow cast by the pipe?

  2. OK I have been off grid over 15 years and I design and install off grid systems all the time and I can see right off that installation is not good. That stove pipe and mounts will shade those panels and so will the corner of the house that sticks out. The smoke from that chimney will cloud up the panels and leave soot. Even a speck of dust will reduce panel efficiency. Either relocate that chimney or the panels.

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