5 Tips for Space Saving & Spacious Feeling Tiny Bathrooms


In the last few days I’ve been featuring plenty of tiny bathroom designs that might work in your next tiny or small house design. I thought this one proved to be a wonderfully small and simple design where you can still fit your toilet, sink and bathtub/shower. Anyway here are some tips on how you can make your tiny bathroom feel more spacious than it really is!

5 Tips for a Space Saving and Spacious Feeling Tiny Bathroom Design

  • Use light colors to create the illusion of light and spaciousness
  • Choose newer more space efficient toilets and sinks
  • Consider frameless shower doors
  • Use high gloss paint to help bounce the light around the room
  • Use as many mirrors and see through glass as possible too

For more info on the toilets, sinks and bathtubs available for small bathrooms visit here.

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Cheap Way to Create Double DIY Curtains using Existing Rod


I just had to share this quick and easy idea on how you can create double curtains using your existing rod for really cheap and then you don’t have to buy new rods. All you do is use bungee cords to instantly create the 2nd rod needed and add your curtains.

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5 Ideas for Staircase Storage and Utility in Small Spaces






Even if you have a normal house, big house, or just a small house. Wouldn’t it be cool to make the place smarter?

I love ideas like this especially where you can double your space and usability with design smarts.

Photo credits unknown.

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Top 5 Space Saving Spice Racks for your Tiny Kitchen


Photo Credit Unknown

Ideas like this one are essential for tiny house living. This space saving spice rack is the perfect antidote for a micro kitchen where making the best use of space is essential for utility and happiness.

Something like this is relatively simple for most carpenters to put together. Even for someone who doesn’t have that much experience with carpentry can probably design and build something like this from scratch.

It’s a great idea that you can use in a variety of homes like for:

  • RVs
  • Teardrops
  • Tiny Houses
  • Small Homes
  • Cabins
  • Guest Houses
  • Shed Conversions
  • And more..

And if you’re not a DIY person Amazon for instance has a variety of options you can simply order and install easily. Here are my top 5 favorites which also happen to have some great reviews.

1. Spice Rack from Avonstar


Reviews, ordering and price info available here.

2. YouCopia Spice Rack


Reviews, ordering and price info available here.

3. Axis Under Cabinet Spice Rack


Reviews, ordering and price info available here.

4. Spice Rack 18800


Reviews, ordering and price info available here.

5. Avonstar Spice Rack 102


Reviews, ordering and pricing info available here.

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Inside a Small, Modern Bathroom


Photo Credit Unknown

What are your thoughts on this tiny, modern bathroom design?

For most tiny houses, it’s probably a bit too big. But if you’re building a foundation house, this could definitely work.

I find it interesting because it’s the first time I’ve noticed a toilet installed in a corner.

Then you notice that everything is cornered including the sink and shower.

How About a 320 Square Feet Tiny House?



I thought this design would be great for those of you who love the idea of tiny house living because of the freedom is offers but need just a bit more space than what a tiny house on wheels is able to offer.

This way you can still reap the benefits of simple living, like lowering your living costs, freeing up your time and in general giving you a bit more control over your life.

But you don’t have to give up that much space. What do you think? Would you rather have a slightly larger tiny house around 300-500 square feet. Maybe even a little bit bigger. Or would you rather go with tiny as in 100-200 square feet or so?

Tiny Attic Studio Apartment Interior








“Formerly a rough frame over a carport, this project presented a spatial challenge for a vacation home. Working within the existing 45-degree angled roof structure, the long, narrow space was broken down into three zones to create a sense of width and flow. Great attention to detailed design makes the most of the limited space and standing area. Bunks and hidden storage are tucked beneath the eaves of the roof while skylights offer visual height. Reflecting on the agricultural setting, the bathroom is accessed by a sliding barn door. Exposed plumbing and corrugated metal walls in the open shower evoke a rustic sense of an outdoor shower.”

“Eat, Sleep, Live / Thomas Lawton Architect” 3 Jun 2013. Thomas Lawton Architect. Accessed 03 Jun 2013. <http://tlawton.com/portfolio/eat-sleep-live/>

Dee Williams Tiny House Workshop July 20-21, 2013


More info including dates and how to sign up here. (aff)

This tiny house design workshop shows you:

  • How to build a tiny house on a trailer
  • How to prevent moisture/condensation
  • Water, gas and power systems
  • Tips on finding a place to park and making it home
  • How to properly deal with codes, insurance and financing

And much more.. Click here to learn more and reserve your spot today.

How to Design and Install Solar System in a Tiny House

How to Design and Install Solar Panels in Tiny Houses


Step 1: Determine How Much Power You’ll Need


“The first step in designing the solar electrical system for the Tiny House was to determine how much power and energy would be needed (the system load).  This was achieved by creating a simple table and recording each appliance, its rated power and how many hours per day it is used. ”

Learn how to design and install a solar system for tiny houses @ Tiny House Over the Hill