Modern Space Saving Wall Desk for Tiny Homes?


I’m excited to share this modern wall desk that might work great for a lot of us who still want a desk in a tiny house or any other type of small space. A lot of times in micro apartments and cabins there’s just not enough room for a dedicated office. I think a wall mounted desk looks better, especially in a multifunctional living space. Another option is to simply use your table as a desk. This way you don’t have to have two similar pieces of furniture. But some people still might want to consider something like this.

Learn more and consider ordering one for yourself here. MSRP is $547 but check current price here.

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Micro Shelter on Wheels



I thought this was a very crafty micro shelter sent in by Liz Day on Facebook.

She says she uses it as a creation station/art studio, what could you imagine using it for?

I’m you sure would be nice and cozy inside there no matter what it’s used for! 🙂

I also love the fact its on wheels so that you can escape anywhere to kick back and enjoy some reading/studying.

Great job Liz and thanks again!

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Modern Backyard Office/Work Space


Now this is the perfect headquarters by Sett Studios to work from home or study.

This seems like the perfect structure to get away and relax, study or get some focused work done.

For me it would be my favorite place to write, read and work.


This design is around 150 square feet. It’s just right.


Perfect place to study and brainstorm…


Notice the window at the bottom! Most people would never even think of doing something like this. I think it’s awesome. Yet another way to bring the nature from outside in. No need for house plants!

Source: Sett Studio

Would you enjoy having this little structure to getaway for studying/working? What would you add/change from the design to make it work for you?

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Super Modern Office Would Make Even Better Tiny House


Source: Smalldog Imageworks/Dwell Magazine

Isn’t this just amazing looking?

I think it would be an awesome tiny house but this one is actually used as an office for Smalldog Imageworks.

What do you think about these modern/futuristic looking designs? I find them very intriguing and appealing to the eye.

Check out many more pics including the interior here. Don’t you agree that it’d make for a one of a kind tiny home? I wish it were that instead of an office. But it’s still so cool!!

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Backyard Tiny House with Covered Front Porch

Backyard Tiny House Cottage

Photo by Kathy Ogles

From the owner/builder:

Here’s a pic of the outside of my backyard studio.  It’s complete with a loft, hidden stairs and a closet for my supplies.  The front porch is a great inspiration place.

It was a true labor of love.  Wish I could build them for a living.  Already thinking of additions and changes.

Kathy – thank you so much for sharing!