172 Sq. Ft. Micro A-frame Cabin Bunkhouse









This micro A-frame cabin / bunkhouse has 9 beds inside! It’s a shelter for mountain climbers and hikers. It’s built to support heavy snow loads and if you wanted can be dismantled and stored during the harsh winters. Everything is prefabricated and delivered to the site via helicopter. It was put together by 12 people.


Images: Flavio Pesamosca

Architect: Giovanni Pesamosca

Engineer: Valentina Bertolutti

More info here at the architect’s website.

See the original article here at Design Boom.

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The 100 Sq. Ft. Flexible Hivehaus Prefab Tiny Home Solution









Images: HIVEHAUS and Barry Jackson

Video Explanation of How the HIVEHAUS Works


The Hivehaus is a flat pack prefab tiny housing solution that seems pretty easy to build.

Since it’s a modular system it means you can customize as many or as few modules to your desire.

The cells are hexagonal so there’s lots of flexibility when it comes to designing and building your own.

The Hivehaus is inspired by a bee’s honeycomb, hence the name 🙂

Learn more about the Hivehaus and “Like” them on Facebook

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The AbleNook: A Multi-Use Portable Dwelling

















“The main structural members of the module are “universal.” This means that the floor joists are the same as the wall columns. The structural members can be made from extruded aluminum parts, with electrical bus duct conduits in each one, so that the wiring is simply connected as you clip together the parts, providing outlets wherever needed inside.  Weather seals are included between the structural members.” (source)


Learn more about the AbleNook here.

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242 Sq. Ft. Tiny Modern Prefab Sun House

Tiny Modern Prefab Sun House-01

Tiny Modern Prefab Sun House-02

Tiny Modern Prefab Sun House-03

Tiny Modern Prefab Sun House-04

Tiny Modern Prefab Sun House-05


Dimensions: 33′ x 16′

Living Area: 242 sq. ft.

Floor Area: 276 sq. ft.

“When we designed the Swift, the shape of the language we chose the Finnish sauna, the essence of clarity and the simplicity. Spacious room, spacious living room and a large, covered terrace giving saunatuvalle your own, unique look. Slim design to facilitate the swift placement of the sloping terrain. Saunatupien alongside the planned guest house accommodation in additional models need to resolve it.” Translated with Google Translator (source)

More info and pics here.

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Green Zero Modular Tiny Home














I like the modern look and feel and the solar panels that fit right into the roof’s design making them seamless. And also that even though it’s very modern looking it has wood on the exterior to still preserve that cabin feel. What’s your favorite part about it?

Architect: Daniele Menichini

Also seen on Design Milk.

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KitHAUS Tiny Modern Cabins and Backyard Offices

KitHAUS K2 and K3 modules connected to make Tiny Home

Image: KitHAUS

KitHAUS is a modular prefab housing company based in LA. They make great tiny structures for backyards, campgrounds or to live in full-time.

These can be guest houses, backyards offices, pool houses and more. The company offers six different variations of modules ranging from 100 square feet to 289 square feet.

All units are customizable and very versatile. This means you can connect them together, combine two different modules, and more. So you can get pretty creative.




Images: KitHAUS

Pricing starts at just under $20,000 and goes all the way up to more than $75,000 for the larger units. Learn more here.

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Spacebox Prefab Stackable Tiny Houses


The Spacebox are prefabricated stackable tiny houses that are fast, affordable and flexible because they can be stacked, as you’ll see, in a variety of ways vertically or horizontally.

The company was founded in 1998 by Mart de Jong with the concept of these 258 square foot structures that are innovative and ultra lightweight.


Currently there are more than 1,000 Spacebox units implemented throughout The Netherlands. The company has also provided affordable housing in South Africa through their Homes4All program.

Spacebox does its own research to find new technologies, materials and production methods to find better ways to create affordable prefab structures to serve temporary problems and shortages in housing.


These units work for urban areas, student housing, temporary worker housing, creation of temporary hotels, and much more. The materials used to build the structures are composite materials which comprise of 5 other materials that help make each structure fire resistant, lightweight and well insulated. And, as you see in the photos here, they’re available in several colors.


Since Spacebox structures can be stacked wide and tall there are so many configurations and this allows them to work well in urban areas too where space is limited.


The company not only does its own research but it also makes each unit from start to finish in the factory so this means they can produce and put together up to 10 units per day. That’s the power of prefab!

Spacebox Video

SPACEBOX, le kot du futur ? from LEM-ULg on Vimeo.

And each unit has a life expectancy of 30 to 60 years depending on the environment. What can you see these Spacebox units being used for around your area or your life?

Ways You’d Use the Spacebox Units?

Could it be used for student dorms at a nearby university? Can it be your backyard getaway? A modern cabin out in the woods? Let us know in the comments below.

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L41 Tiny Homes: Smart, Flexible and Affordable Homes for All?





L41 creates smaller home designs because they use less materials, labor, land, and energy usage. This means it’s cheaper to build, buy and own. And the company’s goal is to provide housing for all while making the world better through sustainable architecture and design. Another great thing about the L41home is that it’s scalable because it’s prefabricated. This means it can be mass produced in the future to bring down costs even more. The company is shooting for affordability and quality for all. And since the homes are so small and flexible, they can be used for a variety of purposes like:

  • Student housing
  • First-time home buyers
  • Seniors retiring
  • Hotel and resorts
  • Emergency housing
  • Recreational housing
  • Homeless shelters
  • Military housing

And there’s more. The L41 homes can be tiny single family homes or they can be combined together like condos or villas. Or you can take the idea even further and stack them to create a high-rise building consisting of these beautiful, efficient little structures which are offered in the following sizes & configurations:

  • 250 sq. ft. studio
  • 350 sq. ft. 1-bedroom
  • 450 sq. ft. 2-bedroom

In addition there are three other larger units at 550, 650 and 750 sq. ft.

Learn more about L41Homes here.

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Flat Pack Prefab Tiny House Installed in 2 Days


Photos by Jonas Wagell

“Mini house started as a simple but refined 15 sqm shed equipped for living as a weekend resort or guest house. Flat-pack delivery and quick set-up was key features.

Now, the concept is growing and Mini house 2.0 will be available in several sizes up to approx. 70 sqm with various floor plans and configurations. We are also developing customized solutions for bedrooms, bathroom, sauna, kitchen and storage etc which can be added as options.

Mini House has recently merged with the leading Scandinavian brand of ecological holiday houses, Sommarnöjen.
Sommarnöjen is well known for its range of designed wooden houses and will manage the development, production and export of Mini House.” (Source)

Visit the official website for Mini House here.

More photos and information are available on this post at Inhabitat.

Modern Micro Cabin: Too Small for Full Time Living?


Photo Credit Unknown

I know this isn’t very realistic for full time living but I still like to feature micro cabins because it’s always possible for something like this to exist and be used if there are other structures on the property.

How do you feel about that? How could you handle having to walk to another structure for bathing, preparing food and doing laundry?

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ASAP•house Micro House

ASAP Series M - 4unit-front 2-2:1

ASAP S .8 Plan

ASAP•house is introducing a line of architect designed, healthy, energy efficient and simple to build modern prefab Micro Homes. The homes range in size from 400 sf to 800 sf and incorporate built it furniture to make then even more space efficient. For more information please visit www.asaphouse.com

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Prefab Modern Capsule Tiny Houses


This was supposed to be some of the tiny houses of the future back in the 1900s.

It was originated in France and was made out of entirely synthetic materials.

I found out that it was designed in 1956 by Jean Maneval and the concept was to bunch these little capsules together to create the entire space of home.

Here is more information on these interesting prefab modern dwellings.

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Modern Prefab UFO Tiny House from the 60s


This is a totally out of this world tiny house designed by architect Matti Suuronen in 1968.

The nature of it’s design reflects back to the 60s and 70s.

It was accommodated to fit up to 8 people and constructed out of reinforced plastic.

They had a plan to mass produce it (prefab) to make it affordable for everyone.

It was light-weight so it can be mobile but had to be transported by a helicopter.

Anyways, here are the specifications from the original futuro website along with more photos of it below:

    •  polyester exterior 
    •  colors white, light-blue, yellow or red
    •  height 4 meters
    •  diameter 8 meters
    •  weight 4000 kilos
    •  floor space 25 square meters
    •  20 oval shaped windows
    •  retractable stairs entrance
    •  6 bed-seats plus 1 double bed-seat
    • central fire place and bbq
    •  kitchen
    •  bathroom with toilet

Check out some pics of the interior as well:


The floor plan of the Futuro


More interior pics

bed seats


A modern futuro:




Here’s another awesome pic of the exterior, don’t mind Mr. Alien riding the pelican (lol). futuro-las

What do you think about this? Would you consider a modern prefab tiny house like this? I think I would.




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Cottage in a Day Prefab Tiny Cabins


Photo Credit Michael Fitzhugh Architects (Pre-Fab Cottage)




“Pre-fab Cottage is a modern, modular pre-fabricated structure based on a 14 foot square module. The cottages are built using structural insulated panels for floor, walls and roof, creating an extremely energy efficient building envelope. The 14′ x 14′ cottage base module can be assembled in several combinations and is adaptable to many different site conditions aided by its unique precast concrete foundation system. The project featured here is a newly completed residence utilizing four of the modules and a connector hallway. Built in a shop in Traverse City, Michigan the cottage was transported in sections to its site 60 miles to the South in Manistee County. Once transported the cottage modules were then assembled in five hours.

This cottage project is unique to Northern Michigan and utilizes as many products from the local area as possible. The cottage design reflects the character of traditional cottage structures found in the area, blended with energy efficient materials and design.” (Source)

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Bungalow in a Box for $18,400


Photo Credit Bungalow in a Box

Prefabrication is an interesting and cost saving way to build because all materials are pre-cut.

Since everything is already designed and some of these things can even be done by computers and machines these days, it can really help drive down costs.

I think this technology gives us a little hope when it comes to decreasing construction costs even while inflation continues to rise prices on almost everything.

Bungalow in a Box offers a few prefab solutions for housing and you can find more info here if you’re interested.