How to Build a Gypsy Wagon: Step by Step Instructions




Images: PaleoTool/Instructables

Most of the work you need to do will require a table saw, band saw, drill, and your everyday hand tools.

Click here to the complete step by step instructions which include designing your mock up/design, trailer conversion, cuts, walls, internal structure, roof, and more.

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Ethan’s Tiny House on Wheels

Ethan's Tiny House on wheels

Images: Building the Tiny House


Composting Sawdust Toilet





Yoga in a Tiny house



Images: Building the Tiny House


Image by David Seaver Photography

This tiny home on wheels is located in Northern Vermont. If you visit their Facebook Page you can see how Ethan built it because he’s posted lots of construction progress photos and updates on there from the past. He also has a blog, where you can see and learn more about how he did it all.

Videos with Ethan and his Tiny House Project

Day 1 Progress (Subfloor)

Building Update #2 with Ethan

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Two Tiny Houses on the Road: Funny Coincidence


“…here’s visual proof of tiny homes taking over the world. We were passed by a Tumbleweed home somewhere in New Mexico or Arizona. Totally crazy event and so happy Ani was quick enough with the phone-cam to capture it!” (source)

Learn more about The Tiny Project here.

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75 Sq. Ft. Funky Micro Cabin on Wheels






This 75 square foot micro cabin on wheels is located in Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada.

Mobile Micro Cabin Features

  • Sleeping loft
  • Fold out table
  • Dining area
  • Pine cabinets
  • Custom drawers
  • Heated floors
  • Fully insulated
  • Metal roofing
  • LED lighting
  • Cedar deck
  • Mini refrigerator

For sale. Asking $26,500. More info here.

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Homebox 1 Portable Three Story Tiny House


Bed & Couch


Kitchen and Staircase from Loft



Homebox 1 Being Installed After Move


Kitchen with Simple Gravity Water System


Convertible Furniture & Sofa


Pull Out Dining Table and Front Porch


Floor Plan / Drawings


“In the size of an internationally standardized freight container a wooden container has been developed with different variants for residential uses. The box can be shipped around the world and placed with standard lifting and transport systems for containers.” (source)

This tiny house is designed to be movable so it can be placed just about anywhere as long as you can get to and from there. Another idea for these structures is to use them in groups to create permanent or temporary container villages.

So they can be used in disaster situations. But they can also be used to house students, workers and folks in desperate need of housing throughout the world.

The company decided to create a wooden container versus using recycled steel because of repair and maintenance reasons. When asked why a wooden container, here’s what the organization had to say, “Steel containers are used worldwide. But wear, repair and maintenance of steel materials are more costly (in terms of purchasing costs, welding, etc.) than for wooden materials.”

They continue by saying, “Wood structures can be repaired cheaper and easier.” In addition, “Living in a wooden home is healthier and more comfortable than one made of steel.”

What are your thoughts on this wooden container tiny house? Please share in the comments below.

Learn more about the Homebox 1 here and here. And you can visit the architect here.

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Chalet Tiny House on a Trailer





I believe this beautiful tiny house on wheels was once for sale and it was listed online but I can’t seem to find a working link to the original post.

Either way I think it’s quite beautifully done. I really like the staircase they designed and built that helps you get up to the loft.

And although I love wood interiors, white really does look nice in tiny spaces.

It makes it feel more spacious for some reason which is cool.

So what would you redesign about this tiny house to make it yours? I would create something to protect myself from the weather in the entrance. And I would’ve made a different choice on siding. How about you?

Photo Source Unknown

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Tiny House On The Go


Photo Credit: Four Lights Tiny Houses

This is a pretty nice collage of pictures on sort of a modern/rustic looking tiny house on wheels designed by Jay Shafer.

When it comes to tiny houses I’m sure that many of us appreciate having the ability of being mobile. Especially with codes/zoning the way they are.

I personally rather build on a foundation just because I wouldn’t want to move often and would rather be able to travel freely without being attached to my house.

That, and, I’d like to build a home that’s little wider than 8’6″.

But many of us feel differently and would prefer to build their tiny house right onto trailers and avoid many of the obstacles faced with building on a foundation.

What do you think about this tiny house on wheels and would you rather have a single mobile tiny house or maybe a couple tiny houses in different locations you could travel to?

Looking forward to hearing from you below.

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Ever Consider Adventuring in a Houseboat?

Luxury House Boat

Thought I’d share this pic for those of us who have or imagine themselves adventuring in a houseboat. If you are into this you might also enjoy this 550 square foot houseboat.

It’s something I’ve yet to give a try and would love to hear your opinion on it from those of us experienced or that have thought about trying it out.

Do you think it’s more of a vacation type of thing or could you see yourself living out of one for a serious portion of your life?

Maybe it would be cool to go escape out in the summer with your portable ocean house.

Well I’ll be waiting to hear your thoughts down below.